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Cancellation Watch for the 2018-19 Season:

Following is the list of active, returning, and upcoming shows for the 2018-19 season.  For more information on why these shows have the statuses that they do follow our Cancellation Watch  and Scorecard columns.  For the latest ratings updates and breaking news, be sure to follow our Cancellation Watch Twitter Site.  For a rundown of the cancellations and renewals from the 2017-18 season, go to this link.  See below for the final status of shows that have ended 2012 and later.

The Status field indicates a show’s likelihood to be renewed or cancelled and includes the following statuses: Renewal Likely, Renewal Possible, On the Bubble, Cancellation Likely as well as Renewed and Cancelled / Ended.

Airing Status Series Network / Airs (EST) Status
Cancelled Channel Zero Syfy / Wed 10 PM Cancelled
Cancelled Counterpart Starz / Sun 9 PM Cancelled
Cancelled Daredevil Netflix / Streaming Cancelled
Cancelled The First Hulu / Streaming Cancelled
Cancelled The Gifted FOX / Tue 8 PM Cancelled
Cancelled Iron Fist Netflix / Streaming Cancelled
Cancelled Midnight Texas NBC / Fri 9 PM Cancelled
Cancelled Nightflyers Syfy / TBD Cancelled
Cancelled Origin YouTube / Streaming Cancelled
Cancelled The Passage FOX / Mon 9 PM Cancelled
Cancelled The Punisher Netflix / Streaming Cancelled
Cancelled Santa Clarita Diet Netflix / Streaming Cancelled
Cancelled Stan Against Evil IFC / Wed 10 PM Cancelled
Cancelled Travelers Netflix / Streaming Cancelled
Cancelled Z Nation Syfy / Fri 9 PM Cancelled
Ended Ghoul Netflix / Streaming Mini-Series
Ended Gotham FOX / Thu 8 PM Final Season
Ended The Last Ship TNT / Tue 9 PM Final Season
Ended Philip K Dicks Electric Dreams Amazon / Streaming Ended
Ended A Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix / Streaming Final Season
Active The 100 CW / Tue 8 PM Renewed
Active Arrow CW / Mon 9 PM Renewed
Active Black Summer Netflix / Streaming Renewal Possible
Active Chambers Netflix / Streaming Renewal Possible
Active Charmed CW / Sun 9 PM Renewed
Active Cloak and Dagger Freeform / Thu 8 PM On the Bubble
Active A Discovery of Witches AMC / Sun 9 PM Renewed
Active Doom Patrol DCU / Streaming Renewed
Active The Flash CW / Tue 8 PM Renewed
Active Game of Thrones HBO / Sun 9 PM Final Season
Active Happy Syfy / TBD On the Bubble
Active Into the Badlands AMC / Mon 10 PM Cancelled
Active Into the Dark Hulu / Streaming Renewal Possible
Active iZombie CW / Mon 9 PM Final Season
Active Legends of Tomorrow CW / Mon 8 PM Renewed
Active Love Death and Robots Netflix / Streaming Renewal Possible
Active MacGyver CBS / Fri 8 PM Renewed
Active The OA Netflix / Streaming Renewal Possible
Active The Order Netflix / Streaming Renewed
Active Osmosis Netflix / Streaming Renewal Possible
Active Riverdale CW / Wed 8 PM Renewed
Active Shadowhunters Freeform / Mon 8 PM Final Season
Active Siren Freeform / Thu 8 PM Renewal Possible
Active Supergirl CW / Sun 8 PM Renewed
Active The Tick Amazon / Streaming Renewal Possible
Active The Twilight Zone CBSAA / Streaming Renewal Possible
Active The Umbrella Academy Netflix / Streaming Renewed
Active What We Do in the Shadows FX / Wed 10 PM Renewed
Active Young Justice DC / Streaming Renewal Possible
Season Ended Deadly Class Syfy / Wed 9 PM Renewal Possible
Season Ended Humans AMC / Tue 11 PM On the Bubble
Season Ended The Innocents Netflix / Streaming Renewal Possible
Season Ended Mars NGC / Mon 9 PM Renewal Possible
Season Ended SuperMansion Crackle / Streaming Renewal Possible
Season Ended Tidelands Netflix / Streaming Renewal Possible
Returning 3 Percent Netflix / Streaming Renewed
Returning Agents of SHIELD ABC / Fri 9 PM Renewed
Returning Altered Carbon Netflix / Streaming Renewed
Returning American Gods Starz / Sun 9 PM Renewed
Returning American Horror Story FX / Wed 10 PM Renewed
Returning Black Lightning CW / Tue 9 PM Renewed
Returning Black Mirror Netflix / Streaming Renewed
Returning Britannia Amazon / Streaming Renewed
Returning Castle Rock Hulu / Streaming Renewed
Returning Castlevania Netflix / Streaming Renewed
Returning The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Netflix / Streaming Renewed
Returning Dark Netflix / Streaming Renewed
Returning Disenchantment Netflix / Streaming Renewed
Returning Doctor Who BBCA / Sat 9 PM Renewed
Returning The Dragon Prince Netflix / Streaming Renewed
Returning The Expanse Amazon / Streaming Renewed
Returning Fear the Walking Dead AMC / Sun 9 PM Renewed
Returning Final Space TBS / Mon 10:30 PM Renewed
Returning Future Man Hulu / Streaming Renewed
Returning God Friended Me CBS / Sun 9 PM Renewed
Returning The Good Place NBC / Thu 8:30 PM Renewed
Returning The Handmaids Tale Hulu / Streaming Renewed
Returning The Haunting of Hill House Netflix / Streaming Renewed
Returning Impulse YouTube / Streaming Renewed
Returning Jessica Jones Netflix / Streaming Cancelled
Returning Killjoys Syfy / Fri 10 PM Final Season
Returning Kingdom Netflix / Streaming Renewed
Returning Krypton Syfy / Wed 10 PM Renewed
Returning Legacies CW / Thu 9 PM Renewed
Returning Legion FX / Tue 10 PM Renewed
Returning Lost in Space Netflix / Streaming Renewed
Returning Lucifer Netflix / Streaming Renewed
Returning The Magicians Syfy / Wed 9 PM Renewed
Returning The Man in the High Castle Amazon / Streaming Final Season
Returning Manifest NBC / Mon 10 PM Renewed
Returning Missions Shudder / Streaming Renewed
Returning Mr Robot USA / Wed 10 PM Final Season
Returning Mystery Science Theater 3000 Netflix / Streaming Renewed
Returning The Orville FOX / Thu 9 PM Renewed
Returning Outlander Starz / Sun 9 PM Renewed
Returning The Outpost CW / Tue 9 PM Renewed
Returning Preacher AMC / Sun 10 PM Renewed
Returning Project Blue Book History / Tue 10 PM Renewed
Returning The Purge USA / Tue 10 PM Renewed
Returning The Rain Netflix / Streaming Renewed
Returning Roswell New Mexico CW / Tue 9 PM Renewed
Returning Runaways Hulu / Streaming Renewed
Returning Scream MTV / TBD Renewed
Returning Slasher Netflix / Streaming Renewed
Returning Star Trek Discovery CBSAA / Streaming Renewed
Returning Star Trek Short Treks CBSAA / Streaming Renewed
Returning Star Wars Resistance Disney / Sun 10 PM Renewed
Returning Stranger Things Netflix / Streaming Renewed
Returning Supernatural CW / Thu 8 PM Renewed
Returning The Terror AMC / TBD Renewed
Returning Titans DCU / Streaming Renewed
Returning Van Helsing Syfy / TBD Renewed
Returning The Walking Dead AMC / Sun 9 PM Renewed
Returning Westworld HBO / Sun 9 PM Renewed
Returning Wynonna Earp Syfy / Fri 9 PM Renewed
Upcoming Batwoman CW / TBD Upcoming
Upcoming Blood and Treasure CBS / Tue 9 PM Upcoming
Upcoming The Boys Amazon / Streaming Upcoming
Upcoming Harley Quinn DCU / Streaming Upcoming
Upcoming The Inbetween NBC / TBD Upcoming
Upcoming NOS4A2 AMC / Sun 10 PM Upcoming
Upcoming Pandora CW / TBD Upcoming
Upcoming The Rook Starz / Sun 8 PM Upcoming
Upcoming Stargirl DCU / Streaming Upcoming
Upcoming Swamp Thing DCU / Streaming Upcoming

What’s to watch on the Streaming Services?  Click on the following links for a comprehensive list of the Sci Fi TV Shows available on Netflix | Prime Video | Hulu | Other

Final Status of Shows from Prior Seasons That Have Ended 2012 and Later:

Final Status Series Network Seasons Last Aired
Ended 11-22-63 Hulu 1 2016
Ended 12 Monkeys Syfy 4 2018
Cancelled 666 Park Ave ABC 1 2013
Cancelled The After Amazon Pilot Only 2014
Cancelled Aftermath Syfy 1 2016
Cancelled Agent Carter ABC 2 2016
Cancelled Almost Human FOX 1 2014
Cancelled Alphas Syfy 2 2012
Cancelled Angel from Hell CBS 1 2016
Cancelled Ascension Syfy 1 2014
Cancelled Ash vs Evil Dead Starz 3 2018
Cancelled Atlantis BBC America 2 2015
Ended Beauty and the Beast CW 4 2016
Cancelled Being Human Syfy 5 2014
Cancelled Believe NBC 1 2014
Cancelled Beowulf ESQ 1 2016
Cancelled Between Netflix 2 2016
Cancelled Beyond Freeform 2 2018
Ended Bitten Syfy 3 2016
Cancelled Blood Drive Syfy 1 2017
Cancelled Braindead CBS 1 2016
Ended Childhoods End Syfy 1 2015
Cancelled Class BBC America 1 2017
Cancelled Cleverman Sundance 2 2017
Cancelled Colony USA 3 2018
Cancelled Constantine NBC 1 2015
Cancelled Containment CW 1 2016
Ended Continuum Syfy 4 2015
Cancelled The Crossing ABC 1 2018
Cancelled Cult CW 1 2013
Cancelled Damien A&E 1 2016
Cancelled Dark Matter Syfy 3 2017
Cancelled Deadbeat Hulu 3 2016
Cancelled Dead of Summer Freeform 1 2016
Ended The Defenders Netflix 1 2017
Cancelled Defiance Syfy 3 2015
Ended Devilman Crybaby Netflix 1 2018
Ended Dig USA 1 2015
Ended Dimension 404 Hulu 1 2017
Cancelled Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency BBC America 2 2017
Cancelled Do No Harm NBC 1 2013
Cancelled Dominion Syfy 2 2015
Cancelled Dracula NBC 1 2014
Cancelled Emerald City NBC 1 2017
Cancelled Eureka Syfy 5 2012
Cancelled The Exorcist FOX 2 2017
Cancelled Extant CBS 1 2015
Cancelled Extinct BYUtv 1 2017
Ended Falling Skies TNT 5 2015
Cancelled Falling Water USA 2 2018
Cancelled Forever ABC 1 2015
Cancelled Freakish Hulu 2 2017
Cancelled Frequency CW 1 2017
Ended Fringe FOX 5 2013
Cancelled From Dusk Till Dawn El Rey 3 2016
Ended Futurama Comedy Central 7 2013
Cancelled Galavant ABC 2 2016
Cancelled Ghost Wars Syfy 1 2018
Cancelled Ghosted NBC 1 2018
Cancelled Golan the Insatiable FOX 2 2015
Ended Grimm NBC 6 2017
Cancelled Hannibal NBC 3 2015
Cancelled Hard Sun Hulu 1 2018
Cancelled Haven Syfy 5 2015
Cancelled Helix Syfy 2 2015
Ended Hemlock Grove Netflix 3 2015
Cancelled Heroes Reborn NBC 1 2016
Cancelled Houdini and Doyle FOX 1 2016
Cancelled Hunters Syfy 1 2016
Cancelled Incorporated Syfy 1 2017
Cancelled The Inhumans ABC 1 2017
Cancelled Intelligence CBS 1 2014
Cancelled Intruders BBC America 1 2014
Ended Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell BBC America 1 2015
Cancelled Kevin Probably Saves the World ABC 1 2017
Cancelled The Last Man on Earth FOX 4 2018
Cancelled Last Resort ABC 1 2013
Cancelled The Last Ship TNT 5 2018
Ended The Leftovers HBO 3 2017
Ended The Legend of Korra Nick 4 2014
Cancelled The Librarians TNT 4 2018
Cancelled Limitless CBS 1 2016
Ended The Listener ION 5 2014
Ended Lost Girl Syfy 5 2015
Cancelled The Lottery LIFE 1 2014
Cancelled Luke Cage Netflix 2 2018
Cancelled Making History FOX 1 2017
Cancelled The Messengers CW 1 2015
Cancelled Minority Report FOX 1 2016
Cancelled The Mist Spike 1 2017
Cancelled The Neighbors ABC 2 2014
Ended Nikita CW 4 2013
Cancelled Olympus Syfy 1 2015
Cancelled Once Upon A Time ABC 7 2018
Cancelled Once Upon A Time in Wonderland ABC 1 2014
Ended The Originals CW 5 2018
Ended Orphan Black BBC America 5 2017
Cancelled Other Space Yahoo 1 2015
Cancelled Outcast MAX 2 2018
Ended Penny Dreadful Showtime 3 2016
Cancelled People of Earth TBS 2 2017
Cancelled Person of Interest CBS 5 2016
Cancelled Powerless NBC 1 2017
Cancelled Powers PSN 2 2016
Cancelled Proof TNT 1 2015
Cancelled Resurrection ABC 2 2015
Cancelled The Returned A&E 1 2015
Cancelled Reverie NBC 1 2018
Cancelled Revolution NBC 2 2014
Cancelled Salem WGN 3 2016
Cancelled Salvation CBS 2 2018
Ended Samurai Jack ADSW 5 2017
Ended Saving Hope ION 5 2017
Cancelled Salvation CBS 2 2018
Cancelled Scream Queens FOX 2 2016
Cancelled Second Chance FOX 1 2016
Cancelled Sense8 Netflix 2 2017
Cancelled The Shannara Chronicles Spike 2 2017
Cancelled Siberia NBC 1 2013
Cancelled Sleepy Hollow FOX 4 2017
Ended Somewhere Between ABC 1 2017
Cancelled Son of Zorn FOX 1 2017
Ended Star Wars Rebels DXD 4 2018
Cancelled Star Wars The Clone Wars Cartoon 6 2013
Cancelled Star-Crossed CW 1 2014
Ended Stargate: Origins SGC 1 2017
Cancelled Stitchers Freeform 3 2017
Ended The Strain FX 4 2017
Cancelled Superstition Syfy 1 2018
Ended Teen Wolf MTV 6 2017
Cancelled Time After Time ABC 1 2017
Ended Time Traveling Bong CC 1 2016
Cancelled Timeless NBC 2 2018
Cancelled The Tomorrow People CW 1 2014
Cancelled Touch FOX 1 2013
Ended True Blood HBO 7 2014
Ended Twin Peaks Showtime 1 2017
Cancelled Under the Dome CBS 3 2015
Ended Vampire Diaries CW 8 2017
Ended Warehouse 13 Syfy 5 2014
Cancelled Wayward Pines FOX 2 2016
Cancelled The Whispers ABC 1 2015
Cancelled Witches of East End LIFE 2 2014
Ended The X-Files FOX 11 2018
Cancelled You, Me, and the Apocalypse NBC 1 2016
Cancelled Zero Hour ABC 1 2013
Cancelled Zoo CBS 3 2017

25 thoughts on “Cancellation Watch

  1. Dan Schweitzer

    No mention of Orphan Black. It is aired on BBCAmerica. Won a few awards this past year. Thx. D.

    1. admin Post author

      We typically do not track a Cancellation Alert for non-U.S. shows since we do not have quick access to their ratings numbers. We may make mention of how a show like Orphan Black is doing on BBC America, but it’s performance in its home country more heavily dictates whether it will get renewed. That said, the first season of this show performed well and if the second season (beginning on BBC America in April) holds onto those numbers, then it should get renewed for a third year. Of course British shows aren’t always designed to run for many years like U.S. shows, so that’s another factor that has to be taken into consideration as well.

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  3. Ann Hunt

    I love all of my syfy shows they are good shows please do not cancel them I know I’m not alone there is an whole syfy. Genre of us out here and we faithfully watch these shows every season especially Haven and the librarian and a dew others I have voted on. Please keep them coming I don’t watch the general TV shows that a lot or most people watch so what’s wrong with you guys my name and my email are on here

    1. jason

      They don’t care what we as individuals like.. As long as they make money is all that counts. If it doesn’t make dollars it doesn’t make sense.. So many shows I loved or recently started watching because I never heard of them found to be amazing only to see that it was cancelled after 1 season 1 episode etc.

    2. Jodi

      What is wrong with people !? Good, enjoyable shows are being cancelled because too many people prefer brainless reality shows instead of series that make you think and wonder….

      1. pamela white

        Yes its just as you say..”people prefer brainless reality shows” I never watch them, any of them..

        1. Lou

          Well im with you on this 100% , so many good shows have been or they will be canceled, alot of shows they just don’t give them a chance. I’m not to sure how reality shows are really making it since they are all staged and told how to act. Me i don’t care to watch the reality shows either, but it sucks we the people have to see good shows go down the drain.

  4. laura goff

    shows i loved star crossed,the tomarrow people, intelligence,forever and alphas and ugh this seasons losses wayward pines is im sure the first of many that i liked but dont do well in the ratings im sure like me there are many who no longer watch regular tv instead i only get time to watch a few tv sites online its heartbreaking when all of my favorite shows keep getting cancelled im sure extant and lost ship are among the next ones cancelled heres hoping that more of my favorites dont hit the choppiung block of commercial sucess

  5. Arham Khan

    You say that Fear The Walking Dead is renewed but I can’t even find the 3rd episode on AMC on demand! What gives?

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for the heads up. That page gets updated about once a week and it shows them as active now.

    1. admin Post author

      Haven’t heard of it. Please pass along any info if it is a sci fi / fantasy TV show airing in the States.

  6. Wharfage

    Yep its crazy with all the cancellations of alot of good shows, its almost like why watch anything because they all end quick, best thing to do is wait till they cancel and watch them later so you know how long you can watch them for or if you even want to start. So many great shows and they are gone……..

  7. Ann

    Absolutely right to many good shows are being stopped over bad shows that people don’t really want to see

  8. Dawn

    I hope Damien gets renewed. I think it’s a great show with excellent actors. I was really disappointed to see The Returned get cancelled. I’ve been watching the French version, but I don’t know if it got renewed. Does anyone know?

  9. Dawn

    I hate it that The Returned got cancelled. Does anyone know if the French version got renewed?

    1. admin Post author

      The French original Les Revenants has produced two (highly acclaimed) seasons so far and I seem to recall hearing that a third is in the works, though I can’t seem to find confirmation on that. European shows tend to be built for shorter runs, but apparently that show could extend at least one more season. It aired on Sundance in the U.S. with the first season available on Blu-ray and DVD while seasons 1 and 2 are available on instant streaming.

  10. AMiR9!WiV

    hi , where can i find a list about older shows ? or is this the whole list ?

    1. admin Post author

      The first list on this page is the currently airing, returning, upcoming, and recently cancelled shows. Below that is a list of cancelled/ended shows going back to 2012. That’s all we have at the moment, but we may start adding older shows at a future date. If you are looking for a survey of cancelled shows throughout the past sixty years, check out Johnny Jay’s book Cancelled Sci Fi TV: 1949-2015 (

  11. tom

    sy-fi and bbc the worst networks about screwing the public with half series with no ending ! ITS LIKE BUYING A BOOK WITH NO ENDING WHO DOES THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. FKOFF

    I see this happen too often, right now on Handmaid’s Tale, the story starts to drag way too much, same thing happened to Black Sails, a sht ton of it is happening with Arrow etc (not that it matters). Good thing I dl the shows show I can f-ing scroll past the pointless scenes.

    Writers, in their desperation to prolong the main story, start to thin out the story in too many episodes, from 1st eps with lots of action and storytelling, most of the time we end up on season 2 or 3 with scenes eating up precious time with grimaces and stupid long looks, dumb talks, lots of walking scenes and pointless ambiance emmersers (I really don’t need to see how constipated Offred is or how enough she has it of it all, or to see that f-ing bedroom window 20 times an episode), forgetting that viewers stop watching and the guillotine gets prepped.

    Good job Malozzi on Dark Matter! Good job Cuse on Colony. You managed to f it all up!


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