Cancellation Watch Breaking News: The CW Renews Arrow, Supernatural, and Vampire Diaries

By | February 11, 2013

Apparently The CW is already in the early stages of trying to solidify their schedule for next year and today they announced the renewal of their three top rated shows, freshman Arrow and veterans Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries.  The announcement is not a major surprise as these are the best performing shows on the fifth place network, though I was thinking that they might let Supernatural go ahead and opt for retirement after eight seasons.  But the ratings for that show have actually improved this season after they paired it with Arrow on Wednesday nights.  And the latter series is considered a breakout hit (which isn’t saying too much for The CW) which has received high praise from fans and critics (I’ve enjoyed it so far as well).  And of course Vampire Diaries is the network’s top rated show (again, not saying too much) and plans are currently in the works for a spin-off series The Originals.  The network’s two other genre shows, Beauty and the Beast and Nikita, have not received word about their futures yet, though.  The latter has a decent chance of getting a renewal–despite its low ratings–because it has a strong following internationally and one more season will get it to the 88 episode mark which makes it much more attractive to the syndication market (which is where most series finally start to show a profit).  Freshman Beauty and the Beast has struggled in the ratings and despite the fact that the network’s boss claims it “has a very long run in front of it”, I have to consider it a bubble show at best.  You also have to factor in that The CW is struggling to maintain an audience as it is, so there’s actually no guarantee the network itself will survive into another season.  If it does, though, we know that Arrow, Supernatural, and Vampire Diaries will be on its schedule.

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