Status: Upcoming, 1st Season Streams Late 2018
Premiere: December 14, 2018
Network: Netflix
Starring: Hunter Page-Lochard, Charlotte Best , Mattias Inwood, Aaron Jakubenko, Madeleine Madden
Series Website: www.netflix.com

Description: After an ex-con returns to her fishing village, a dead body leads her to uncover the secrets of the town and its half-Siren/half-human residents. Netflix.com

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Status: Note that the streaming services do not usually share their viewership numbers, so it is hard to gauge the renewal / cancellation status of their shows. But they also tend to give their shows more of a chance than the networks that rely more heavily on the older Nielsen system, and most of the streaming shows have lasted for at least two seasons if not longer. This series is produced in Australia, so its viewership there will have a strong influence on its status.

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