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Summer 2017 Schedule for Sci Fi & Fantasy Shows:

This is the schedule for the sci fi & fantasy shows airing on the broadcast networks, cable channels, and streaming services for Summer 2017 forward.  Note that the premiere dates and timeslots are subject to change, so be sure to check back here from time to time for any updates.  Keep an eye on this site and the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site for breaking news on schedule changes as well as the ratings updates and cancellation / renewal announcements.  And be sure to follow Sci Fi TV Site on Twitter for regular schedule reminders. Links are to the shows’ pages on this site where you can get more info and see trailers where availableLinks are to the shows’ pages on this site where I post season to date ratings results and status updates, and be sure to check for trailers and show info.


8-9 PM Shadowhunters (Free) Season Finale Aug 14
9-10 PM Preacher (AMC) NEW SERIES Season Finale Sep 11
9-10 PM Stitchers (Free) Season Finale Aug 14
9-10 PM Somewhere Between (ABC) NEW SERIES Series Premiere Jul 24
9-10 PM Midnight Texas (NBC) NEW SERIES Series Premiere Jul 24
10:30-10 PM People of Earth (TBS) Season 2 Premiere Jul 24


9-10 PM iZombie (CW) Season Finale Jun 27


9-10 PM Salvation (CBS) NEW SERIES Series Premiere Jul 12
10-11 PM Blood Drive (Syfy) NEW SERIES Series Premiere Jun 14
10-11 PM Cleverman (SUND) Season Finale Aug 2


9-10 PM Teen Wolf (MTV) Season 6B Premieres in Summer
10-11 PM Zoo (CBS) Season 3 Premiere Jun 29
10-11 PM The Mist (Spike) NEW SERIES Season 1 Finale Aug 24
11-10 PM The Shannara Chronicles (Spike) S1 Encore Run Premiere Jun 29


8-9 PM The Originals (CW) Season Finale Jun 23
8-9 PM Killjoys (Syfy) Season 3 Premiere Jun 30
9-10 PM Dark Matter (Syfy) Season Finale Aug 25
10-11 PM Wynonna Earp (Syfy) Season Finale Aug 25


9-10 PM Doctor Who (BBCA) Season Finale Jul 1
10-11 PM Orphan Black (BBCA) Series Finale Aug 12


8-9 PM Teen Wolf (MTV) Resumes 6th Season
9-10 PM Fear the Walking Dead (AMC) Returns from Hiatus Sep 10
9-10 PM Game of Thrones (HBO) Season Finale Aug 27
9-10 PM American Gods (Starz) Season Finale Jun 18
9-10 PM The Last Ship (TNT) Season 4 Premiere in Aug 20
10-11 PM The Strain (FX) Season 4 Premiere Jul 16


3 Percent (Netflix)
Black Mirror (Netflix)
Castlevania (Netflix) NEW SERIES Series Premiere Jul 7
Daredevil (Netflix)
Death Note (Netflix) NEW SERIES Movie Premieres Aug 25
The Defenders (Netflix) NEW SERIES Series Premiere Aug 18
FACE: Cyber Crime Special Investigation Unit (Amazon) NEW SERIES Series Premiere Jul 11
Freakish (Hulu)
The Handmaids Tale (Hulu)
Iron Fist (Netflix)
Jessica Jones (Netflix)
Luke Cage (Netflix)
The Man in the High Castle (Amazon)
Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Netflix)
The OA (Netflix)
A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix)
Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix)
Sense8 (Netflix)
Star Trek: Discovery (CBSA) NEW SERIES Moved to Fall
Stranger Things (Netflix)
SuperMansion (Crackle)
The Tick (Amazon) NEW SERIES Series Premiere Aug 25
Voltron Legendary Defendor (Netflix) Season 3 Premiere Aug 4
Travelers (Netflix)

Not Scheduled Yet

Outcast (MAX)
Scream (MTV) Moved to Spring 2018

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25 thoughts on “Sci Fi TV Schedule

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  2. Tammy

    Dude you forgot Continuum and Salem which I am loving so far. Continuum is better than it has been and Salem is well nothing really like on tv right now. Very different witch show.

    1. admin Post author

      Continuum and Salem are already airing. This is covering the Summer shows. Does Salem have supernatural/fantasy elements or is it mostly a historical drama as advertised?

  3. Sarah

    So, Syfy is continuing on their mission to kill off “Haven” I see. First, they run off the Zuckerman sisters and give Shernold Edwards way too much leeway with her scripts..alienating the core fanbase (though they are too loyal to leave) and then they keep jerking around the show’s time slot. Leaving it at 7-8pm on Friday is definitely the death blow. If they actually wanted the show to succeed, they would have put it back at 10pm on Fridays, so the US and Canadian audiences could go back to watching the show at the same time (and Tweeting about it together) like we used to.

    Thanks Syfy channel for consistently UNDERfunding and UNDER-promoting this incredible show.

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    1. admin Post author

      So many sci fi shows on these days, it’s hard to keep up with them all. And we didn’t realize that one was currently streaming. But will get it added.

  5. Thomas

    THE. syfi. Channal. Has. Canceled. A. Lot. Of. Good. Shows. Like. D.T. fact or. Facked. Hounted. Highway. Being. Humon. The. Syfi. Channal. Is. Not. That. Good. Any. More. They need. To. Bring. Back. The. Good. Shoes.

    1. rox

      Dominion , i pretty much have given up on Syfy. I do like 12 monkeys which I caught on Demand its actually pretty good but it is on so late at night!!

  6. DrBen

    It is now late August 2015. New and returning shows begin in the next week or so. Why are you so far out of date?

  7. Debbie

    I also never understood why Destination Truth, Haunted Hiway and Fact or Faked Paranormal Files were canceled, They were some of my favorite shows on SYFY. I also really liked Ghost Mine.

    1. Dan Quayle

      They got cancelled because you need the IQ of a potatoe (note spelling) to stand them. Try “Celebrity Ghost Stories” for the good stuff.

      1. Megan Kalu

        These shows as she mentioned were good “entertainment”. Not for their “truth” or “fact” but just good entertainment humour.

    1. admin Post author

      We primarily track shows that have had exposure in the U.S. Do you know if BBC America aired this one?

  8. JUDY


  9. Megan Kalu

    I actually enjoyed Hunters. Not usually the type of show i like, but this was different. I’m so sick of all the “time travel” shows that are coming on.


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