Poll: How Much Would You Pay to Pre-Fund a 6th Season of Haven?

By | August 24, 2015

haven-syfy-cancelledSyfy just announced the cancellation of Haven last week (it will air the second half of its fifth and final season in Fall starting October 8th).  This does  not come as a huge surprise (though fans are enraged) because of the show’s declining ratings and the fact that it was the last series hanging on from the early Syfy rebranding days.  But the show will have amassed 78 episodes by the end of its fifth season which is a decent number for a syndication run, but another season or so would make it even more attractive in that market.  And Haven is also likely not an expensive series to produce, so it is possible that another network or one of the streaming services will have an interest in picking it up for one or more seasons.  I know that fans are already working on a campaign to get the show a sixth season, and I have a suggestion for the direction this should take.

I have floated the idea previously about pre-funding a television series using a crowd-funding type approach. I go into this in more detail at this link, but the basic idea is that people would buy subscriptions to an upcoming season based on a set price per episode and number of episodes per season. The network/studio/production company would establish the minimum number of subscriptions to be sold in order for them to greenlight a season, and if that threshold is achieved then the subscribers would be charged and production would move forward on new episodes.

So the first question to Haven fans is what amount would you be willing to pay per episode to pre-fund a sixth season (based on the assumption that the season order would be eight to ten episodes)? Vote below and I will be sharing this information with Syfy, Entertainment One (the show’s studio), the streaming services, and more. I believe that this is a much more viable means of saving a show from cancellation than the typical fan-rage “Save My Show” campaign because it addresses the bottom dollar and gets the fans directly involved with financially supporting the show. This could establish a whole new paradigm for television production, or at least a viable alternative to the old model, and your votes will be crucial to establishing a baseline for what fans would be willing to pay to keep their shows going.

It is important to note that this is in no way an official initiative and the studio, network, and production company have no involvement at this point.  But strong outpouring of support from the fans could convince them to consider this option, so be sure to vote and pass along the information about this poll.  (Also vote on whether you would pay to pre-fund more seasons of Hannibal and/or Witches of East End).

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2 thoughts on “Poll: How Much Would You Pay to Pre-Fund a 6th Season of Haven?

  1. J. Adkins

    I like Haven! I also liked the other shows that were cancelled also. I feel that if you don’t want them on cable, then let them run on Netflix new and old seasons.
    Bring the show back! There was no real reason to take it off! I need you to reply I just want to see good shows come back to cable!

  2. Kelly Guss

    I think now that Haven is on Netflix, it will reach many more fans that never knew of the show like myself. This show is so addictive. All the petitions I have found have ended but if someone tries again there may be a different outcome. Esp since Netflix is running it now maybe they would consider bringing it back. Tell everyone to watch it on Netflix, they will see the interest in it in their viewing reports. Here’s hoping!


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