Status: Active, Airing Encore Run of Seasons 1 and 2
Timeslot: Tuesdays 8 PM EST
Premiere: May 29th
Network: El Rey
Starring: Michael Paré, Tanya Allen, Claudette Roche,
Clive Robertson
Series Website:

Description: In season 1 that’s set in 2275, a team of three bounty hunters in their spaceship dubbed Tulip chase after space criminals. Things get bad when they stumble upon a conspiracy involving experiments with alien DNA and the human genome. In season 2 that’s set in 2300, bounty hunter Travis Montana and his female cousin Percy patrol the galaxy hunting criminals. Travis, who was kidnapped as a baby by Raiders, searches for his lost father Dante while investigating the secrets of the mysterious Dvinity Cluster.

Starhunter: Redux is an updated, re-cut and re-scored 44 episodes of the hit cult classic sci fi series. It presents a creatively different edition of the series closer to the creators’ original vision. It is also the precursor of the anticipated Starhunter Season III.

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