Stan Against Evil

Status: Cancelled
Aired: 2016-18, 3 Seasons Totaling 24 Episodes
Series Premiere: October 31, 2016
Network: IFC
Starring: John C. McGinley, Janet Varney, Nate Mooney, Deborah Baker Jr.
Series Website:

Descripton: Stan Against Evil follows Stan Miller (McGinley), a perpetually disgruntled former sheriff of a small New England town who was forced into retirement. Stan has trouble relinquishing his authority to Evie Barret (Varney), the tough and beautiful new sheriff in town, but they form an unlikely alliance when both begin to realize things are not quite right in their quaint New England town. Together, they valiantly fight a plague of unleashed demons that have been haunting the town, which just happens to be built on the site of a massive 17th century witch burning.

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Why Was It Cancelled? This show never developed a very large audience, but it did well enough for its network, so the the cancellation announcement came as a bit of a surprise. Stan Against Evil was one of the network’s better performing shows during its first two seasons and regularly doubled its numbers when Live+7 delayed viewing is factored in. But the network has been going through some behind the scenes changes and has cut back on its scripted programming, so perhaps this is another sign of the pressures of Peak TV. The cable networks are finding it hard to sustain original series on ratings scraps, and the number of shows on the basic cable channels has been on the decline the past few years, adding this one to the list of casualties.

2018-19 Season Ratings Results:

Air Date Airings Live+SD Rtg StD Avg Tot Vwrs (M) Status
10/31/18 1 0.03 0.03 0.1 Renewal Possible
11/7/18 2 0.04 0.04 0.1 Renewal Possible
11/14/18 3 0.05 0.04 0.1 Renewal Possible
11/21/18 4 0.05 0.04 0.2 Renewal Possible

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2017-18 Season Ratings Results:

Air Date Airings Live+SD Rtg StD Avg Tot Vwrs (M) Live+7 Rtg Status
11/1/17 1 0.06 0.1 0.2 n/a Renewal Possible
11/8/17 2 0.06 0.1 0.2 n/a Renewal Possible
11/15/17 3 0.07 0.1 0.2 n/a Renewal Possible
11/22/17 4 0.06 0.1 0.2 n/a Renewal Possible

2016-17 Season Ratings Results:

Air Date Airings Live+SD Rtg StD Avg Tot Vwrs (M) Live+7 Rtg Cancel Alert
11/2/16 1 0.07 0.1 0.2 n/a Low
11/9/16 2 0.08 0.1 0.2 n/a Low
11/16/16 3 0.07 0.1 0.1 n/a Low
11/23/16 4 0.09 0.1 0.2 n/a Low