Philip K Dicks Electric Dreams

Status: Active, Streaming 1st Season
Premiere: January 12th
Network: Amazon Instant Video
Starring: Various
Series Website:

Description:  Based on the short stories from one of science fiction’s most prolific authors, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams explores humanity in 10 standalone episodes. From 5 to 5000 years in the future, each story in the anthology will question what it means to be human in uniquely ambitious, grounded, yet fantastical worlds.

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Status: This anthology series is a co-production between Channel 4 and Amazon and it received a fair amount of acclaim when it aired across the Atlantic last Fall. It hit Amazon in early 2018, but there has been no word on a second season. Perhaps Amazon and Channel 4 are trying to work out a deal for more episodes, but the longer the delay the less likely we will see a second season from this one.

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