Angel from Hell

angel-from-hell-cbs-cancelledStatus: Cancelled
Aired: Thursdays 9:30 PM EST, 1 Season Totaling 13 Episodes
Network: CBS
Starring: Jane Lynch, Maggie Lawson, Kyle Bornheimer, Kevin Pollak
Series Website:

Description: Angel From Hell is a single-camera comedy about Amy, a colorful, brassy woman who insinuates herself into the life of an organized and seemingly perfect young woman, Allison, claiming to be her “guardian angel.” Allison is an intense, driven doctor who is sure that Amy is just an inebriated, outspoken nut, until every one of her warnings proves true. Cautioned by Amy not tell anyone about her, Allison can’t discuss this over-the-top oddball with her father and business partner, Marv, who shares an office with Allison, or her younger brother, Brad, a pharmaceutical sales rep who lives in a guest room over her garage. As Allison tries to push Amy away, Amy makes her final pitch: her sole mission is to provide Allison with helpful guidance that nudges her in the right direction in life – and it’s her final chance to prove herself as an angel. With that, Allison agrees to this unlikely relationship because maybe a weird friend is exactly what she needs… and what if Amy really is her “guardian angel”?

Why Was It Cancelled? CBS announced that this show has been cancelled and will be pulled from the schedule proving that it does not pay to be an under-performing show–especially a genre entry–on that network. But it had to be more than the ratings that doomed Angel from Hell because its numbers weren’t that bad, especially for a sitcom. But Deadline Hollywood had noted that the show had experienced some behind the scenes troubles (it was pushed from a November start to January), and perhaps that played a part in the network’s decision to cancel it. But still, it seems a bit surprising that CBS would rush to make the call after the show had aired only four episodes, particularly these days when the networks are hesitant to announce cancellations. But apparently this one didn’t have a guardian angel that could protect it from the harsh decisions of the network executives. The remaining eight episodes will probably air out toward the end of the season or at some point in Summer.

Season to Date (StD) Ratings Results:

Air Date Airings Live+SD Rtg StD Avg Tot Vwrs (MM) Live+7 Rtg Cancel Alert
1/7/16 1 1.6 1.6 8.1 n/a Low
1/14/16 2 1.3 1.5 7.0 1.9 Moderate
1/21/16 3 1.4 1.4 7.0 n/a Moderate
1/28/16 4 1.4 1.4 6.7 n/a Moderate
2/4/16 5 1.4 1.4 6.3 n/a Moderate

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2 thoughts on “Angel from Hell

  1. Mike

    Gosh I liked this show. I wondered what happened to it. Shish they do not even give a show a chance these days.

    1. admin Post author

      This one sure didn’t get much of a chance from CBS, and its ratings weren’t that bad. If fans were to make some noise, perhaps another network or one of the streaming services would consider picking it up.


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