Sci Fi TV Schedule: First Look at the Fall 2019 Slate of Sci Fi and Fantasy Shows

By | May 17, 2019

We have made it through the Upfront week, when the networks presented their upcoming schedules to the advertisers, and we have a first look at the shows which will be premiering or returning in Fall 2019. At the moment, Fall looks pretty lite on sci fi and fantasy shows, though I expect more additions to this over the next few months. Currently there are only 19 shows on the schedule that will air on the broadcast networks and cable channels vs. 29 for this past Fall. And I only have three confirmed premieres on the streaming channels vs. 20 for last season. But I expect that list to grow as more premieres / returns are announced.

Among the new shows, we are seeing a continuing trend of fewer genre entries from the Big Four broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC). Across those four channels, there are only two new shows of interest to sci fi and fantasy fans (Emergence on ABC and Evil on CBS) debuting in the Fall with one waiting in the wings for Mid-Season (neXt from FOX). The CW has two new shows, the same as last year, with Nancy Drew joining the schedule on Wednesdays and Batwoman leading off Sundays.  Apart from HBO’s Watchmen, I have not heard of any confirmed new series from the cable channels, though I do expect updates over the next few months.

As for the actual scheduling of shows, there are a few timeslots that do not look too favorable for the shows landing there. ABC’s Emergence lands on Tuesdays at 10 PM EST which is an hour that network has struggled with for years. Evil arrives on CBS on Thursdays at 10 PM EST and that dark procedural may not mesh well with the comedies that precede it on that night. The CW obviously has a lot of confidence in Batwoman, and they appear to be making a statement by having it lead on Sundays. But that’s a tough night with football and plenty of other competition. And moving Charmed to Fridays will do nothing to help that sophomore show. But those two shows will likely make up slack with digital viewing which The CW pays close attention to (unlike the Big Four broadcast nets).

Below is the preliminary schedule for Fall, but expect changes to this by the time that September rolls around. For our tracking of all the sci fi and fantasy TV news coming from the Upfronts, go to r/SciFiTV. And be sure to stay tuned to this site and the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site for schedule updates and other breaking news.

Fall 2019 Preliminary Schedule of Sci Fi and Fantasy Shows:


9-10 PM Black Lightning (CW) Returning for 3rd Season


8-9 PM The Flash (CW) Returning for 6th Season
9-10 PM Arrow (CW) Returning for 8th and Final Season
10-11 PM Emergence (ABC) NEW SERIES
10-11 PM The Purge (USA) Returning for 2nd Season


8-9 PM Riverdale (CW) Returning for 4th Season
9-10 PM Nancy Drew (CW) NEW SERIES
10-11 PM American Horror Story (FX) Returning for 9th Season


8-9 PM Supernatural (CW) Returning for 15th and Final Season
9-10 PM Legacies (CW) Returning for 2nd Season
9:30-10 PM The Good Place (NBC) Returning for 4th Season
10-11 PM Evil (CBS) NEW SERIES


8-9 PM Charmed (CW) Returning for 2nd Season
10-11 PM Van Helsing (Syfy) Returning for 4th Season


No Genre Entries


8-9 PM Batwoman (CW) NEW SERIES
8-9 PM Outlander (Starz) Returning for 5th Season
9-10 PM The Walking Dead (AMC) Returning for 10th Season
9-10 PM Supergirl (CW) Returning for 5th Season

Streaming Premieres

Disenchantment (Netflix) Season 2 Premieres Sep 20
The Man in the High Castle (Amazon) Returning for 4th and Final Season
Titans (DCU) Returning for 2nd Season

Not Scheduled or Mid-Season Start
His Dark Materials (HBO) NEW SERIES Premieres in Fall
Legends of Tomorrow (NBC) Returning for 5th Season in 2020
MacGyver (CBS) Returning for 4th Season in 2020
Manifest (NBC) Returning for 2nd Season in 2020
neXT (FOX) NEW SERIES Premieres in 2020
Primal (ADSW) NEW SERIES Premieres in Fall
The Orville (FOX) Returning for 3rd Season in 2020
Star Trek Discovery (CBSAA) Returning for 3rd Season
Watchmen (HBO) NEW SERIES Premieres in Fall

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3 thoughts on “Sci Fi TV Schedule: First Look at the Fall 2019 Slate of Sci Fi and Fantasy Shows

  1. DavyD

    Just a headysup for UK viewers about upcoming shows in 2019… Thought you might interested Johnny.

    Dracula: (BBC/Netflix)

    An adaption of the classic written and produced by Doctor Who’s Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat

    Good Omens: (Amazon)

    An adaption of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s book, starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen as an angel and a demon trying to stop the apocalypse.

    His Dark Materials: (BBC/HBO)

    Dafne Keen (Logan) and James McAvoy (X-men series) star in Philip Pullman’s modern classic fantasy story.

    The War of the Worlds (BBC)

    Eleanor Tomlinson and Rafe Spall star in a brand-new adaptation of the HG Wells sci-fi classic.

    I’m not sure of the dates but they should air sometime in 2019.

    1. johnnyjay Post author

      Thanks for the info. I know that Good Omens debuts here on Amazon later this month. Do you know the debut dates on the other shows?

      1. DavyD

        I’m really not sure mate. His Dark Materials has been in a production vortex for years but there is a trailer. Best info “late 2019”

        The War of the Worlds. No trailer yet, but some info at

        The latest info on Dracula is just a press release….

        How would you feel about posting some articles that I could send you? Just short reviews or news from a UK prospective? I’m not a journalist or a writer, but I do love Sci-fi and Fantasy. I can spell, and generally make sentences that make sense. I’m not asking for anything, I just think it might be fun to get involved. What do you think?


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