Cancellation Watch Breaking News: The Passage Cancelled by FOX after One Season

By | May 10, 2019

The first genre casualty of “Black Friday” has fallen as FOX has cancelled its vampire-pocalypse drama The Passage after one season. That show debuted in January to decent same day ratings, but saw those drop pretty quickly to marginal levels. It did see some gains in delayed viewing, but apparently not enough to convince the network to keep it around for a second season. The property had been in development for years at 20th Century Fox, initially starting out as a potential feature film. After several years with no progress, development switched to the small screen but it took several attempts to finally get the series up and running. Now that Disney has bought up the FOX entertainment properties, the Mouse House has less invested in the series and apparently less interest in keeping a moderate performer on the air. The cancellation was expected seeing as the FOX TV network no longer has a stake in the show and will have fewer slots on its schedule for scripted programming with wrestling taking up one night starting in Fall. Fans may want to stage a Call to Action to convince Disney to keep the show going, perhaps on Hulu, but I believe it will take a pretty large show of support across the social networks to have any success.

In The Passage, a group of scientists try to find a cure for an outbreak that is spreading quickly across the planet. But this “cure” creates a new species of vampiric humans who have plans to take the Earth for themselves. One girl, who has been injected with the vampire virus but has not turned, may be the key to saving humanity. It stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Saniyya Sidney, Jamie McShane, Caroline Chikezie, and Emmanuelle Chriqui and is based on the series of novels by Justin Croninwill.

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