Sci Fi TV News Briefs: FX Orders Y The Last Man to Series, Picard Trek Series Could Go Three Seasons, and More

By | February 5, 2019

Sci Fi TV News Briefs: Quick hits keeping you updated on sci fi and fantasy television news.

Series Pickup: FX had previously picked up a pilot for the post-apocalyptic series Y: The Last Man–based on the comic of the same name by Brian Vaughan–and now the network has officially ordered it to series. The acclaimed comic series follows a former escape artist who finds himself to be the last man on Earth after all of those with a male chromosone have been wiped out. The television series is being developed by Michael Green (Heroes, American Gods) who will also serve as showrunner and executive producer. It stars Barry Keoghan and Diane Lane and will debut at some point in 2020.

Return of Picard: We already know that a new Star Trek series focusing on Jean-Luc Picard is in the works, and Patrick Stewart has provided some additional information on how long it could last. He made the claim about the first season that “they are writing a 10-hour movie”, and he also mentioned that it could possibly go for three seasons. There are currently not many details on what the show will be about, other than focusing on an elder Picard, but this one appears to be on a fast track and could make it to CBS All Access as early as late-2019.

Buffy Not Returning to Buffy: A reboot of Joss Whedon’s cult-favorite series Buffy the Vampire slayer is in the works, but the star of the original TV series will not be involved. Sarah Michelle Gellar had this to say about the upcoming project in a recent interview:

I don’t know anything about it, honestly. I think that it’s a great story and I’m glad that it will get retold and hope that people will watch it. But, you know, I’ve told my story with it.

It is unclear at this point if the new series will be a complete reboot or act as a continuation from the original.

Scream and Scream Again: Scream Queens co-creator Ryan Murphy has put up a post on Instagram suggesting that another season of that show could happen:

So many people recently have been asking me about rebooting or continuing SCREAM QUEENS (RIP, taken too soon). Emma, Billie, Lea and I have mused on it, but question: should it be a six episode limited? A catch up movie? Who should I bring back? Would love your thoughts. So many questions….

That series was cancelled after two low-rated seasons, but it regularly trended well on the social networks and may find an audience if it were to return for a limited run.

Casting News: Harry Lloyd will be coming onboard for the third (and final) season of Legion to play Professor Charles Xavier.  Lloyd previously played Viserys Targaryen in the first season of Game of Thrones and currently co-stars in Starz’s parallel world series Counterpart.

The TCAs are going on currently when the networks talk with the critics about their current and upcoming schedules, so expect more breaking news over the next week or so. Be sure to stay tuned to this site and the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site for breaking news as well as the latest ratings results.

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