Cancellation Watch Weekly Roundup: Killjoys Returns Low, Outcast Will Likely Be Cast Out

By | July 24, 2018

Ratings results and status updates on all the currently airing sci fi & fantasy shows as well as those still awaiting word on their fates. For the latest ratings updates, be sure to follow the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site

Ratings Results of Interest: Killjoys Gets No Joy from the Nielsens

On Friday, Syfy’s space drama Killjoys had its fourth season debut but could only manage a 0.09 rating based on same day viewing for the 18-49 demographic with 451K total viewers. That is a series low for the show and it is down by almost 50% from its Season 3 ratings average. But that one has been renewed through a fifth and final season, so it should be okay for now.

On Monday of last week, CBS’ Salvation remained low at a 0.3 rating with 2.5 million total viewers. Whether its streaming deal can keep it going for a third season remains to be seen. On Tuesday, AMC’s Humans remained at a 0.07 with 292K total viewers for its season finale. Its ratings have been down overseas as well, so its fate is uncertain at this point. Over on The CW, The Outpost improved to a 0.2 rating with 635K total viewers. Its fate is likely weighted more heavily on how it performs in Europe for its first season.

On Friday, Syfy’s Wynonna Earp had a 0.12 rating with 418K total viewers for its Season 3 debut. That was even with its second season average and that one received a renewal announcement at Comic-Con. Over on Cinemax, Outcast pulled a 0.07 rating with 149K total viewers for its Season 2 debut. That was up slightly from its first season average, but the cable network appears to be burning that one off at this point.

On Sunday, FOX’s Ghosted slipped to a 0.4 rating with 1.1 million total viewers for its finale. It has already been cancelled by the network. Over on AMC, Preacher improved to a 0.26 rating with 819K total viewers, but it is still On the Bubble because its numbers are down notably from last year.

You can see the full ratings results for the week at this link, and be sure to follow the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site for the latest results and breaking news.  Ratings Source: ShowBuzzDaily

With Comic-Con going on last week, there was plenty in the way of sci fi TV news, including multiple renewals as well as one cancellation. Syfy’s supernatural western Wynonna Earp received a fourth season renewal announcement during its Comic-Con panel. YouTube Premium’s sci fi series Impulse received a second season renewal last week as did Freeform’s Cloak & Dagger, also returning for a second season. Amazon’s The Man and the High Castle received a fourth season renewal as fans wait for the third season of that show to debut on October 5th. And Disney will revive Star Wars: The Clone Wars on its streaming service for a twelve-episode season that will wrap up its storylines. The show that was sent to the Network Executioner was USA’s Colony as its ratings have been down notably in its third season. You can read more news from Comic-Con including a Batwoman series, a reboot of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, a Star Trek spin-off, and more at this link.

Status Updates: Outcast Is Likely Done After Its Second Season

Below is the status of all the currently airing shows or those still awaiting word on their fate.  This does not include streaming shows, unless there is information worth mentioning, because there is typically too little data available to gauge their fates. You can click through to the show pages to see week-over-week ratings results (where available) and find out more information about the series.  You can see the status of all the currently airing and returning sci fi TV shows at the Cancellation Watch Page.

The 100 (CW, Status – Renewed): This show returned for its fifth season posting decent numbers for The CW with The Flash as its lead-in, though it has dropped off some in Summer while airing on its own. It has been renewed for a sixth season which will get it close enough to the episode threshold that should get it a profitable syndication deal. Whether the show’s upcoming season will be its last is uncertain at this point, but consider that a strong likelihood.

Altered Carbon (Netflix, Status – On the Bubble): There has been no word yet on a second season renewal for this show, and series star Joel Kinnaman has moved on to a new gig.  Its viewership has been on the low side for a Netflix entry according to Nielsen, and the show received mixed reviews from critics.  It is possible that this could be a rare one-season-and-done sci fi causality for this streaming service.

Cloak and Dagger (Freeform, Status – Renewed): This show debuted with good numbers for a Freeform entry, but it has fluctuated notably since then. In its favor is the fact that Disney owns the network and the show and a second season renewal was announced at Comic-Con.

Colony (USA, Status – Cancelled): This show’s third season ratings dropped by 35% from last year, and it has not seemed to have had as much support on the social network as in past years. Apparently the led USA to the decision to cancel the show after its third season.

Fear the Walking Dead (AMC, Status – Renewal Possible): This show has been doing well in its fourth season, but with the cast changes and the new story direction in its fourth season it seems almost like AMC is in the process of rebooting it.  It returns from hiatus on August 12th and I am guessing the ratings for the second half of the season will heavily dictate its fate.  I still believe it will be back for at least one more year, but I am a little less certain about that at this point.

Ghosted (FOX, Status – Cancelled): Apparently FOX’s claims that they would give this show a chance to prove itself in Summer were not entirely true.  It was slipped on the schedule with almost no notice and aired amidst repeats.  Not surprisingly, the ratings were low and the network pulled the plug after only a few weeks.  It is currently airing its final episodes before getting cast to the TV wasteland.

Humans (AMC, Status – On the Bubble): This show’s numbers have been down in its third season, and AMC kicked the show out of Prime Time to the 11 PM hour; never a good sign. Its fate is more closely tied to how it is performing in Britain on Channel 4, however, its numbers are down over there as well according to Wikipedia. I have moved it to Bubble status and will keep it there until we hear final word on its fate.

Into the Badlands (AMC, Status – On the Bubble): This show wrapped up the first half of its third season with ratings declines of over fifty percent from its second year and remains firmly On the Bubble. Fans should definitely make a Call to Action on the social networks to help it out and maybe bring more attention to it when it returns later this Summer.

Killjoys (Syfy, Status – Renewed): This show has returned for its fourth season at series low ratings levels. But it has already been renewed through a fifth and final season, so consider it safe until then.

The Originals (CW, Status – Final Season): This show is currently airing its final season, though a spin-off titled Legacies will debut in Fall 2018 and will focus on Hope Mikaelson.

Outcast (MAX, Status – Cancellation Likely): By all appearances, this show appears to be in burn-off mode. The second season already aired in Europe over a year ago and the contracts for the actors have lapsed. The network has indicated that if the ratings are strong enough for the second season in the U.S. that they could try to get the cast back, but that seems unlikely at this point.

The Outpost (CW, Status – On the Bubble): The debut numbers for this one were low even for a CW series, but as an acquisition to fill up space on the Summer schedule it’s not necessarily doomed. If it does well internationally and if it does not cost the network too much, it could be back for another season.

Preacher (AMC, Status – On the Bubble): This showed returned for its third season with ratings down by 42% from last year and I already considered it on iffy ground then. I have it On the Bubble and fans should definitely take to the social networks if they want this one to survive to a fourth season.

Reverie (NBC, Status – Cancellation Likely): This show debuted with tepid numbers even for a Summer entry. It was originally planned for a mid-season start, but was pushed on the schedule suggesting that the network lost faith in it. At this point, it is almost certainly in burn-off mode and I have moved it to Cancellation Likely status. If there are any fans out there, they need to make some noise on the social nets RIGHT NOW to draw attention to the show.

Salvation (CBS, Status – On the Bubble): This show’s numbers continue to slip as do it chances of surviving to a third season. It has a streaming deal that likely makes it profitable for the network, but CBS may prefer to fill the hour with something that will draw more viewers watching live. I consider it firmly On the Bubble and will likely keep it there until we hear word on the show’s fate.

Superstition (Syfy, Status – Cancellation Likely): This show barely registered in the ratings during its first season and was kicked out of its Prime Time slot to 11 PM EST on Thursdays about mid-way through its run.  It has started streaming internationally on Netflix, so perhaps it will get a boost from that, but at this point it appears it will be another one-season-and-done Peak TV casualty.

Wynonna Earp (Syfy, Status – Renewed): This show has returned even with its prior year ratings and it received a fourth year renewal notice during Comic-Con. But fans should definitely remain active on the social networks to help expand the audience beyond its cult following.

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3 thoughts on “Cancellation Watch Weekly Roundup: Killjoys Returns Low, Outcast Will Likely Be Cast Out

  1. Kevin Brown

    I think I see a general trend of: ratings down, ratings down, ratings down, almost doesn’t matter what show it is. I wonder if we’re seeing the effect of streaming, and that network TV shows in general are suffering …

    1. johnnyjay Post author

      Yep. The Ratings-pocalypse hit a couple of years ago and it has been pretty much downhill for the ratings since then. I definitely believe that a lot more people are watching on the streaming services these days and at some point the Peak TV bubble is going to burst for the broadcast nets and cable channels.


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