Cancellation Watch: Arrow and Supernatural Return Steady After Reruns

By | March 25, 2013

After two weeks of reruns, The CW’s Wednesday night genre shows returned with new episodes and ratings numbers pretty much where they left off.  Arrow pulled a 1.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic with three million total viewers and Supernatural had the same rating score with 2.2 million total viewers.  On that same night, ABC’s alien sitcom The Neighbors pulled a 1.4 rating again with 4.8 million total viewers.  That’s low for that network, but then the show was sandwiched between repeats for the second week in a row, so it’s to be expected.

On Thursday, Vampire Diaries pulled a 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demo with 2.7 million total viewers which is one of the better scores that show has enjoyed over the last few weeks.  Beauty and the Beast, though couldn’t even match half that rating, pulling only a 0.6 with 1.7 million total viewers.  CBS’ Person of Interest was preempted for the night by NCAA Basketball.

On Friday, NBC’s Grimm continues to pull decent ratings for that night with a 1.4 score and five million total viewers.  FOX’s Touch on the other hand continues to track low, pulling only a 0.7 rating and 2.8 million total viewers.  On The CW, Cult barely registered with only a 0.2 rating and less than three quarters of a million viewers.  Nikita was preempted.

Bacon ItemsBelow are the full ratings results for last week’s shows, and I already covered the early week shows (including the premiere of Bates Motel) in my previous mid-week column.  NBC’s Revolution returns tonight after a four month hiatus, so keep an eye on the Cancellation Watch Twitter Site for the early returns from that as well as rest of the Sunday and Monday shows from this week.  You can see the Cancellation Alert status of all the shows currently airing plus the final results from prior seasons at my Cancellation Watch page.  And for questions on how the ratings work and my Cancellation Alert statuses, you can see the Cancellation Watch FAQ.

Ratings Results for the Week of March 17:
Once Upon A Time (ABC Sun 8 PM) Rating: 2.3 | Trend: Steady | Cancellation Alert: Low
The Walking Dead (AMC Sun 9 PM) Rating: 5.5 | Trend: Down | Cancellation Alert: Renewed
The Following (FOX Mon 9 PM) Rating: 2.5 | Trend: Down | Cancellation Alert: Low
Being Human (Syfy Mon 9 PM) Rating: 0.4 | Trend: Steady | Cancellation Alert: Low
Bates Motel (A&E Mon 10 PM) Rating: 1.3 | Trend: n/a | Cancellation Alert: Low
Arrow (CW Wed 8 PM) Rating: 1.0 | Trend: Steady | Cancellation Alert: Low
The Neighbors (ABC Wed 9:30 PM) Rating: 1.4 | Trend: Steady | Cancellation Alert: Moderate
Supernatural (CW Wed 9 PM) Rating: 1.0 | Trend: Steady | Cancellation Alert: Low
Vampire Diaries (CW Thu 8 PM) Rating: 1.3 | Trend: Up | Cancellation Alert: Low
Person of Interest (CBS Thu 9 PM) Rating: Preempted | Trend: Down | Cancellation Alert: Low
Beauty and the Beast (CW Thu 9 PM) Rating: 0.6 | Trend: Steady | Cancellation Alert: Medium
Nikita (CW Fri 8 PM) Rating: Preempted | Trend: Up | Cancellation Alert: Moderate
Cult (CW Tue 9 PM) Rating: 0.2 | Trend: Steady | Cancellation Alert: High
Touch (FOX Fri 9 PM) Rating: 0.7 | Trend: Up | Cancellation Alert: High
Grimm (NBC Fri 9 PM) Rating: 1.4 | Trend: Steady | Cancellation Alert: Low

Revolution resumes March 25th. Lost Girl and Continuum not as heavily tied to U.S. ratings

Ratings Source: TV by the Numbers

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2013 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

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