Mid-Season 2012-13 Schedule of Science Fiction and Fantasy TV Shows

By | December 21, 2012

Most sci fi shows are currently on their winter hiatus, but the break is not going to last long as new episodes kick-off already on January 3rd when Person of Interest resumes its season and several more shows start up the following week.  Only two shows received their walking papers during the first half of the season (ABC’s 666 Park Ave and Last Resort), so there are still quite a number of options for genre viewing returning to the schedule.  Plus, several shows will be starting up their new seasons (Being Human, Lost Girl, Game of Thrones) while several more mid-season replacements will be finding their way to the schedule (Do No Harm, The Following, Zero Hour) and Syfy will begin airing the acclaimed Canadian series Continuum, so the beginning of 2013 will be a busy one for genre television.  I have put together the full schedule of sci fi/fantasy shows with the days and times that they will air and what dates they will premiere or resume their current seasons.  You can see the full schedule at this link.  And keep an eye out in the coming weeks for my Mid-Season Cancellation Watch Preview in which I will assess the cancellation/renewal prospects of all the new and returning genre shows.  So get rested up over the holidays because there will be plenty of sci fi TV viewing to tackle in the coming months.

Mid-Season 2012-13 Schedule of Science Fiction and Fantasy TV Shows

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