Slasher_Chiller_CancelledStatus: 1st Season Ended (Awaiting Renewal Announcement)
Timeslot: Fridays 9 PM EST
Premiere: Mar 4th
Network: Chiller
Starring: Katie McGrath, Brandon Jay McLaren, Steve Byers, Dean McDermott
Series Website:

Description: Thirty years ago, in the sleepy community of Waterbury, a killer known as “The Executioner” murdered Sarah Bennett’s parents. Now Sarah and her husband Dylan have returned to town, only to find herself the centerpiece in a series of horrifying murders centered around the seven deadly sins. It seems “The Executioner” is back. But if Tom Winston – the original Executioner – is behind bars, who is the new person behind the mask? As the murders escalate, long-buried secrets are revealed, making everyone around Sarah a suspect…or a victim.  Slasher is a mystery/horror/thriller. Think Friday the 13th meets And Then There Were None.

Comments: Slasher is a season-long horror anthology along the lines of American Horror Story and Scream Queens and it is Chiller’s first original scripted series.

Status: There has been no word yet on a second season for this show and it barely registered in the ratings during its first season.  But that’s not surprising for Chiller and this is their first stab (pun unintended but accepted) at scripted television.  Plus, that network has partnered with the Canadian Super Channel on the production which could help it to stick around for a second season.  For now, though, it is a waiting game. The first season of this show is available for streaming on Netflix.

Season to Date (StD) Ratings Results:

Air Date Airings Live+SD Rtg StD Avg Tot Vwrs (M) Live+7 Rtg Cancel Alert
3/4/16 1 0.04 0.0 0.1 n/a Low
3/11/16 2 0.02 0.0 0.1 n/a Low
3/18/16 3 0.02 0.0 0.1 n/a Low
3/25/16 4 0.01 0.0 0.1 n/a Low
4/1/16 5 0.01 0.0 0.1 n/a Low
4/8/16 6 0.02 0.0 0.8 n/a Low
4/15/16 7 0.02 0.0 0.1 n/a Low
4/22/16 8 0.02 0.0 0.1 n/a Low

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