12 Monkeys

Status: Ended
Aired: 2015-18, 4 Seasons Totaling 47 Episodes
Series Premiere: January 16, 2015
Network: Syfy
Starring: Aaron Stanford, Amanda Schull, Kirk Acevedo, Noah Bean
Series Website: www.syfy.com/12monkeys

Description: 12 Monkeys is a drama based on the 1995 Universal Pictures film directed by Terry Gilliam.

The show follows the journey of a time traveler, Cole, from the post-apocalyptic future. Using a dangerous and untested method of time travel, Cole arrives in the present day on a mission to locate and eradicate the source of a deadly plague that will eventually decimate 93.6% of the human race. Will Cole be able to save the fate of mankind or is mankind bound by fate? Taking place in the ravaged future of 2043 and the present day (2015), 12 Monkeys explores themes of destiny, fate, love and the possibility of second chances. Syfy.com

Why Did It End? This show debuted in 2015 and developed some decent buzz but never found much of an audience. NBCUniversal (Syfy’s parent company) has partial ownership of the show and they kept it going through its fourth season, despite low ratings, to allow the show to resolve its storylines. That lets it play better to binge-watching and makes it more attractive to the streaming services.

2017-18 Season Ratings Results:

Air Date Airings Live+SD Rtg StD Avg Tot Vwrs (M) Live+7 Rtg Status
6/15/18 1 0.05 0.1 0.3 n/a Final Season
6/22/18 2 0.06 0.1 0.3 n/a Final Season
6/29/18 3 0.06 0.1 0.3 0.8 Final Season
7/6/18 4 0.09 0.1 0.4 n/a Final Season

2016-17 Season Ratings Results:

Air Date Airings Live+SD Rtg StD Avg Tot Vwrs (M) Live+7 Rtg Status
5/19/17 1 0.12 0.1 0.4 n/a Renewed
5/20/17 2 0.08 0.1 0.3 n/a Renewed
5/21/17 3 0.08 0.1 0.3 n/a Renewed

2015-16 Season Ratings Results:

Air Date Airings Live+SD Rtg StD Avg Tot Vwrs (M) Live+7 Rtg Cancel Alert
4/18/16 1 0.14 0.1 0.5 n/a Moderate
4/25/16 2 0.10 0.1 0.3 n/a Moderate
5/2/16 3 0.11 0.1 0.4 n/a Moderate
5/9/16 4 0.12 0.1 0.4 n/a Moderate
5/16/16 5 0.12 0.1 0.4 n/a Moderate
5/23/16 6 0.08 0.1 0.4 n/a Moderate
5/30/16 7 0.12 0.1 0.4 n/a Moderate
6/6/16 8 0.12 0.1 0.4 n/a Moderate
6/13/16 9 0.10 0.1 0.3 n/a Moderate
6/20/16 10 0.11 0.1 0.4 n/a Medium
6/27/16 11 0.14 0.1 0.4 n/a Medium
7/4/16 n/a Preempted 0.1 n/a n/a Renewed
7/11/16 12 0.15 0.1 0.5 n/a Renewed
7/18/16 13 0.12 0.1 0.4 n/a Renewed

2014-15 Season Ratings Results:

Air Date Airings Live+SD Rtg StD Avg Tot Vwrs (MM) Live+7 Rtg Cancel Alert
1/16/15 1 0.4 0.4 1.4 n/a Moderate
1/23/15 2 0.3 0.4 1.1 n/a Low
1/30/15 3 0.3 0.3 0.9 n/a Moderate
2/6/15 4 0.2 0.3 0.7 n/a Moderate
2/13/15 5 0.2 0.3 0.7 n/a Medium
2/20/15 6 0.2 0.3 0.7 n/a Medium
2/27/15 7 0.2 0.3 0.7 n/a Medium
3/6/15 8 0.3 0.3 0.8 n/a Medium
3/13/15 9 0.3 0.3 0.7 n/a Renewed
3/20/15 10 0.2 0.3 0.7 n/a Renewed
3/27/15 11 0.2 0.3 0.7 0.5 Renewed
4/3/15 12 0.2 0.3 0.6 n/a Renewed
4/10/15 13 0.2 0.2 0.7 0.4 Renewed

Metric Definitions at this link

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24 thoughts on “12 Monkeys

  1. Nitin

    I want to know the whole story..please renew for third season

  2. Kristen

    I hope they don’t cancel this wonderful show. The reason why the ratings are low is that the show is smart and viewers must actually pay attention to understand what is going on. That is hard to come by these days.

    1. Tomlin

      I don’t have cable, and caught the first season on Hulu and was hooked immediately by the storytelling, the actors and their developing characters. I purchased season 2, and wait until the early morning to watch it in all its creepy(the Red Forest/the Witness), exhilarating(Paradoxes/Splinter Sequences/Jennifer Goines), and moving(Cole/Cassandra, Cole/Ramse, Cole/Katarina, hell Cole/Deacon-basically all things Cole) evolving timelines so I bought the first season. And now cancellation…Boo. I want the whole story! And I deserve, I demand smart television.

        1. Chris Harmon

          Sadly its likely to get canned. I watch religiously and often marvel at the clever writing not to mention I love Scifi(not so much Syfy since cancelling sliders and countless others).

  3. Dawn

    PLEASE renew for season 3 (and four!)! I know the ratings haven’t been great, but the show IS…and even if it has just a few faithful followers, the story deserves to be told in its entirety! There are plenty of garbage shows on the air…this show is SMART and CLEVER and assumes its audience is the same. Give it a chance! Give folks that enjoy a good complicated yarn a chance to see how it begins…

  4. Maura

    Please don’t cancel. After cancelling so many of my favorite shows (Defiance ) i found 12 Monkeys, love this show. Best show you have. I DVR every thing and probably not counted, we are your audience. Those rating are wrong. Nobody can track what we watch. Don’t do this.

  5. Robu

    I got into this show late because there wasn’t that much advertising, but as soon as I saw the Pilot I was hooked! I really hope the show isn’t cancelled because it really is a great show and quite different from others out there today.

  6. Greg

    12 monkeys the movie was one of my favorite. It took me a minute to adjust to the new actors but I love it. Then season to introduce an entire new idea. I think the show is excellent and completely delete has a brand-new Rebirth of the idea in general. There are so many plot lines it’s a great show I hope it goes much more seasons

  7. Nat

    Please don’t cancel this fantastic show. So well written. The story deserves to be told.

  8. Vanesa

    If SciFi would just make their shows available for next day viewing on hulu like Fox and CW they would have higher numbers! I love SciFi shows and got to watch the first season on Hulu but they only did that as promo for second season. They are so stupid! Even if I had basic cable I wouldn’t get the SciFi channel in my city it is a premium channel and they have only a couple of amazing shows like this one at a time so it’s not worth the price of cable or a seperate subscription service like the garbage CBS is trying. Just let us watch the episodes on Hulu!

  9. Ethan

    This is one of the deepest and most intricately told stories in the first two seasons of any show ever written! Please just give it a third season Syfy. It may not have tons of viewers, but the viewers it does have are IN LOVE with it. Don’t let that die off.

  10. Rich scales

    So many people are cancelling cable subscriptions because of the insane amount they have to pay compared to streaming services. The way forward is streaming plain and simple. Syfy needs to get itself onto the streaming bandwagon, live tv via cable etc, is just dying. I watch game of thrones on hbo go, daredevil on netflix, they still get their viewing numbers this way.

  11. Justin

    I loved the first season and going tru the second right now. The actors are a good choice and all have the age in the late 30’s, whats great B’cause it makes me feel young ‘and they surely know how to keep you hooked. To be honest there are some pretty stupid scenes where i think’ OMG just shoot the b*ch. Is this written by 12 monkeys or what ? But after all this show is amazing and from my point of view Its maybe better they give season 2 a clear ending to leave a good memory of the 12 monkeys like the movie did . Instead of milking the cow with a new twist that leads nowhere, Btw i love the chick that’s crazy 😉

  12. Jessica

    12 Monkeys is the best show i have seen in a very long time. It is an amazing, ingenious story. It is so good it gives me goosebumps and I know I am in the midst of watching something truly great.

  13. Steph Russell

    I was late in watching the series, but I’m so hooked, I rewatch it all the time! The storyline is intriguing, the actors are fabulous and I’m glued with every show!!!!!

  14. Morris

    This is hands down the best tv show on the planet.But often the question is “Why don’t more people watch” one answer….Low advertising.I had t heard of this show till it popped up on Netflix and I instantly fell in love!Best writing I’ve seen in and tv show!This show shouldn’t be canceled it should be renewed and it should be advertised efficiently to insure the die hard fans that have been watching this show for as long or longer than me that it won’t be canceled.All of the tv shows I loved were low advertised and failed yet a great show it was don’t wanna see the same thing happen to 12 monkeys this story needs to be set through.Pay 20 bucks to advertise on someone’s Instagram with 3 million followers or something.

  15. andros

    greetings from Colombia, its hard to find a more beautil and well written story, its probably the best ever conceived time paradox story of all times, really kool rebirth from the original movie concept, how can we contribute to garantee the show to have a 4th season, aside from the on air rating, does purchasing the dvd counts as rating and success indicator for the show to keep on?

  16. PjJns

    I am a loyal fan!!! But after great shows like POI are canceled especially with all they could have done with it. Would come as un-welcomed but not a surprise.


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