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Cancellation Watch Breaking News: Netflix Renews The Punisher for a S2, USA Renews Mr. Robot for S4

Coming as no big surprise, Netflix has announced a second season of their Marvel-based series The Punisher. That show, which is a spin-off of sorts from Daredevil, debuted on the streaming service last month and has been pretty well received among the fan community. I have seen no info on the audience size because Netflix keeps those number… Read More »

Sci Fi TV Status Report: The Orville Ends Season on Ratings Down Note, Superstition Gets Bumped, and More

The Ratings Are Down for The Orville, But It Should Keep a Steady Course FOX’s sci fi comedy The Orville wrapped up its first season last Thursday matching its season low of a 0.9 rating based on same day viewing for the 18-49 demographic and it was the second new episode in a row that was at that… Read More »

Cancellation Watch Scorecard: A Happy! Start on the Scorecard

Syfy’s new fantasy crime drama Happy! got off to an unexpectedly strong start ratings-wise last week (more on that at this link), and that resulted in the show entering the Cancellation Watch Scorecard at the Number 2 slot, right below The Walking Dead and above American Horror Story.  While that may seem odd because its debut rating of… Read More »

Cancellation Watch: Syfy Has to Be Happy with Happy! But Will That Be Bad News for Van Helsing?

A Debut to Be Happy! About Syfy’s new fantasy crime drama Happy!, based on the Grant Morrison comic of the same name, debuted on Wednesday and pulled an impressive 0.4 rating based on same day viewing for the 18-49 demographic with 1.1 million total viewers. Those are the best ratings that Syfy has seen since the Season 2… Read More »

Will The Exorcist Be Renewed or Cancelled?

This ongoing column focuses on shows that currently have a question mark concerning their future. You can see the status of all the currently airing sci fi and fantasy shows at this link. FOX’s supernatural series The Exorcist, which acts as a sequel of sorts to the classic 1973 film, is coming to the end of its second… Read More »

Sci Fi TV Status Report: Will Extinct Get a Second Season? Agents of SHIELD S5 Debut Numbers, and More

You Can Help Extinct Get a Second Season Extinct has wrapped up its first season, and now it is a waiting game to see if that show will be back for a second year. For those not familiar with the series, it comes from Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston and airs on the BYU TV channel. It… Read More »

Cancellation Watch Scorecard: Agents of SHIELD Enters Low in the Rankings

ABC’s Agents of SHIELD had its late Fall start this past Friday, and its ratings are predictably low, though not disastrous (more on that at this link).  It starts on the lower side of the Scorecard in the Number 24 slot, and I expect it to slip closer to where Once Upon A Time is within the next… Read More »

Cancellation Watch: It’s the Arrow-verse vs. the Ratings-Pocalypse as Crossover Ratings Are Down, Stranger Things Gets 3rd Season

The Arrow-verse Crossover Delivers Diminishing Ratings Returns The CW aired the four-series crossover “Crisis on Earth X” earlier this week, and that resulted in a boost to the ratings for all of its Arrow-verse shows, but not nearly as much as what they saw last year at this same time. In 2016 when the characters from the four… Read More »

Cancellation Watch: Additional Episode Order for Ghosted is Not Necessarily Good News

FOX announced yesterday that their freshman supernatural comedy series Ghosted will be receiving six additional episodes for its first season bringing its total to sixteen. At first that may seem like good news because the show will get more eps this year, but it did not receive the full twenty-two often expected for a broadcast network series. Of… Read More »

Sci Fi TV Status Report: The Orville Will Air One Less Season 1 Episode, Between Could be at an End, and More

FOX is Holding One Episode of The Orville Until Season 2 FOX’s space comedy series The Orville will be wrapping up its first season on December 7th, and those people counting the episodes will realize that brings the total to twelve, not the thirteen promised.  But that is not a reason to be concerned–though perhaps annoyed–as that episode… Read More »

Cancellation Watch Scorecard: Thanksgiving Week Causes Some Slippage

The CW’s Arrow slipped four spots on the Scorecard this week, but that is largely due to the Thanksgiving Day ratings low it pulled for a new episode last week (more on that at this link).  Interestingly, Supernatural did not slip despite also taking a hit on the holiday, but then it has been performing above The CW’s… Read More »

Cancellation Watch Breaking News: Netflix Signs on for Another Season of Mystery Science Theater 3000

Fans of the long-running Z-movie-riffing show Mystery Science Theater 3000 have reason to give thanks because at the end of this year’s Thanksgiving marathon series creator Joel Hodgson announced that Netflix will produce a second season of the revival. The first season came about by way of a Kickstarter campaign initiated by Hodgson and raised enough money to… Read More »

Cancellation Watch Breaking News: NBC to Return to The Good Place for a Third Season

Coming as no surprise, NBC announced yesterday that its afterlife comedy The Good Place will be returning for a third season.  While not a huge ratings hit, that show has performed well enough for a comedy on Thursday nights, especially considering the stiff competition.  It has also been well received by critics throughout its first and second season. … Read More »

Sci Fi TV Status Report: Viacom Changes Could be Early Signs of Peak TV Slowing; Plus the Ratings Results

Is The Peak TV Bubble Reaching Its Limit? A Hollywood Reporter article indicates that the Viacom network of cable channels–which includes MTV, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, the soon to launch Paramount Network, and more–is scaling back on its scripted television output.  This primarily impacts what the article refers to as Viacom’s “niche” stations like CMT, VH1, and TV Land… Read More »

Cancellation Watch Scorecard: The Gifted Slips But Not Far

FOX’s X-Men tie-in series The Gifted slipped two slots in the scorecard this week as its numbers remain on the low side.  But I don’t see much cause for concern at this point and I believe that show is on track for renewal.  That network’s Ghosted also slipped, but I believe that was due to Thanksgiving week doldrums… Read More »