Keeping you informed of what’s on and what’s coming up in sci fi & Fantasy television.  Also tracking the ratings and cancellation threat for the currently airing shows. And looking back at prior cancelled sci fi shows and monitoring recent trends and new directions in the television industry that impact genre series.


Cancellation Watch Page: Shows the status of all the currently airing, returning, and upcoming sci fi & fantasy shows.

Cancellation Watch: Analyzing the latest ratings and updating the cancellation/renewal predictions for the shows currently airing (plus chart activity).  Also breaking news on renewals, cancellations, etc.  The Weekly Roundup column gives a rundown of the ratings activity from the past week and also has the status of all the currently airing shows.  It usually comes out on Tuesday unless there are ratings delays due to holidays or other events.

Scorecard: Ranks the broadcast network and cable shows by least to most likely to get cancelled.  It usually comes out on Wednesday unless there are ratings delays due to holidays or other events.

Sci Fi TV Schedule: The schedule of sci fi & fantasy shows which includes the Current Schedule plus the Weekly Listings and the Upcoming Schedule.  Also see our list of sci fi & fantasy originals running on the Streaming Services, plus our comprehensive list of the genre shows available on NetflixPrime VideoHulu, and Other services.

Sci Fi TV News / Development:  Our Sci Fi TV News Briefs column delivers quick hits on the latest news and our Sci Fi TV Development column looks at new shows that are currently in the works.

Sci Fi TV Retrospectives:

Cancelled Too Soon: Looking back at shows that were sent to the Network Executioner way too soon.

Cancelled Before It Began: Looking back at projects that made it to the pilot stage or a significant way through development but that never made it to series.

Classic Sci Fi TV: Looking back at many of the classics of science fiction and fantasy television.

Retro Sci Fi TV: Looking back at shows from the past that may not have stood the test of time and/or that are relegated to their era, but many of us still have fond memories of them.

Sci Fi TV Genre Gems: Looking back at forgotten magic and hidden treasures from the worlds of sci fi TV.

Streaming Finds: Tracking down sci fi and fantasy shows of interest available on the streaming services.

Cancellation Sci Fi FAQ: A quick primer on where I get these numbers and how I make my Renewal/Cancellation assessments.

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Pages/Additional Sites:

Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site: Tweeting the latest ratings results plus breaking news, updates, and more.

Cancelled Sci Fi Facebook Page: Sharing the latest news and updates.

r/SciFiTV: Our Reddit site for news, updates, and discussions on sci fi and fantasy television.

r/SciFiTV Twitter Site: Sci fi TV schedule updates plus news and more.

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  1. smurfsrusuk

    I can’t believe that Alphas has been cancelled. I am so gutted!!! I do think that although i loved it, it does give scope for perhaps another series….if and when the powers that be decide to ….PLEASE.


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