Sci Fi TV Development: Netflix Picks Up Spanish-Language Superhero Series El Vecino, CBS Orders Frankenstein Cop Pilot, and More

By | February 8, 2019

Development announcements keep rolling in including FX’s pickup of Y: The Last Man to series (more on that at this link), and ABC passing on its Marvel female-led superhero series (more on that at this link). Following is a rundown of new development news from this past week:

Netflix picks up Spanish-language superhero series El Vecino

Network: Netflix

Credits: Carlos de Pando (Showrunner / Executive Producer), Sara Antuña (Showrunner / Executive Producer), Nahikari Ipiña (Executive Producer), Zeta Audiovisual (Production Company)

Starring: TBA

Description: “Javier’s life is not going well. The last thing he needs is for an alien to land on him and transfer its powers before dying. Now Javier is a superhero, but it turns out super powers are useless when you get fired from your job or your girlfriend decides she wants to take a break. Fortunately, Javier’s friend and neighbor José will teach him to use his powers for good and hide his secret identity, especially from his girlfriend who’s now investigating Titan, the mysterious superhero.” Deadline Hollywood

Comments: This is based on the graphic novels by Santiago Garcia and Pepo Perez and will debut in 2020. It will run with English subtitles in the U.S.

CBS picks up pilot for Frankenstein cop series

Network: CBS

Credits: Jason Tracey (Writer / Executive Producer), Rob Doherty (Executive Producer), CBS Television Studios (Studio)

Starring: TBA

Description: “A San Francisco homicide detective is mysteriously brought back to life after being killed in the line of duty, but as he resumes his old life and he and his wife realize he isn’t the same person he used to be, they zero in on the strange man behind his resurrection – Dr. Victor Frankenstein.” Variety

Comments: An official title for the series has not been announced yet. CBS has ordered a pilot for this one and will be considering it for their Fall 2019 schedule.

Weird Fantasy anthology series based on the EC comic in the works

Network: TBA

Credits: Cathy Mifsud (Executive Producer), Corey Mifsud (Executive Producer), Dinesh Shamdasani (Executive Producer), Hivemind (Production Company)

Starring: TBA

Description: This will be an anthology based on the 1950’s comic book series that contained sci fi, fantasy, and horror stories often with a twist ending. Deadline Hollywood

Comments: No network is attached to this project, but it should draw plenty of interest as it moves toward production.

Netflix picks up Spanish-language fantasy Anime Memorias De Idhún

Network: Netflix

Credits: Laura Gallego (Writer / Executive Producer), Andrés Carrión (Writer / Executive Producer), Pilar Blasco (Executive Producer), Zeppelin (Production Company)

Starring: TBA

Description: “On the day of the astral conjunction of three suns and moons in Idhun, Ashran the Necromancer gathered all the power and began the kingdom of terror of the winged snakes. On Earth, Jack and Victoria fight a battle for Idhun’s freedom. But the heroes still don’t know the design of a prophecy that will intertwine their fates.” Deadline Hollywood

Comments: This will be an anime adaptation of the novel of the same name by Laura Gallego and will debut in 2020. It will run with English subtitles in the U.S.

The TCAs are going on currently when the networks talk with the critics about their current and upcoming schedules, so expect breaking news relating to Sci Fi TV over the next week or so. Be sure to stay tuned to this site and the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site for breaking news as well as the latest ratings results.

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