Cancellation Watch Breaking News: Syfy Renews Van Helsing for Fourth Season

By | December 18, 2018

The renewal announcements keep rolling in (Netflix renewed The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina earlier today) as Syfy has decided to bring back its vampire-pocalypse series Van Helsing for a fourth season. That was anything but a sure bet for that show because its ratings have been down over twenty percent from last year. Syfy does not own the show, so the network makes its money on advertising which is strongly driven by same day ratings results. But, like summer series Wynonna Earp, Van Helsing is likely cheaper to produce than other Syfy entries and it does have a dedicated fanbase that is very active on the social networks. There will be some behind the scenes changes as the show’s writer / executive producer Jonathan Walker will be taking over the showrunner duties in the fourth season. I have considered this one to be On the Bubble this season, but knew that it still had hope because of its fan support.  And with the renewal of this series, I would expect that Syfy’s zombie-pocalypse show Z Nation will likely be getting another season as well. That one has pulled higher ratings than Van Helsing and it is close to a syndication friendly count of episodes, so unless there are contract hurdles, expect it to be back.

Van Helsing follows Vanessa Van Helsing who is a descendant of famous vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing. She awakes from a coma to find that vampires have wiped out much of the human race and that she could be humanity’s last hope. The series stars Kelly Overton, Jonathan Scarfe, Christopher Heyerdahl, Vincent Gale, and Rukiya Bernard.

There could be more announcements on the way as the Fall shows wind down for the Winter. Be sure to stay tuned to this site and the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site for breaking news as well as the latest ratings results.

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