Cancellation Watch Weekly Roundup: Disenchantment Draws Good Viewership for Netflix, Preacher Improves for Season Finale

By | August 28, 2018

Ratings results and status updates on all the currently airing sci fi & fantasy shows as well as those still awaiting word on their fates. For the latest ratings updates, be sure to follow the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site

Ratings Results of Interest: Disenchantment Enchants Younger Viewers

The first episode of Netflix’s animated fantasy series Disenchantment drew 4.4 million viewers according to Nielsen, and the total aggregated viewership for the first ten episodes has been 6.6 million so far, skewing toward the younger audience. That tops the 6.4 million that Lost in Space drew last Spring and counts as decent viewership for a Netflix original. The first ten-episode season of Disenchantment debuted on August 17th and its second season already in the works.

On Sunday, AMC’s Preacher improved a bit to a 0.29 rating based on same day viewing for the 18-49 demographic with right at one million total viewers. That’s higher than what the show has been averaging this season, but it is down by close to forty percent year over and finds itself On the Bubble as it wraps up its third year. Leading into that show, Fear the Walking Dead slipped yet again, this time to a 0.61 rating with 1.8 million total viewers. But that one has been renewed for a fifth season and I believe it will probably stick around for one more year after that.

On Friday, Syfy’s Wynonna Earp slipped a bit to a 0.11 rating with 480K total viewers, but that one has already been renewed for a fourth season.  In the next hour, Killjoys slipped to a 0.08 rating with 398K total viewers as it is experiencing its worst season so far ratings-wise. But Syfy plans on bringing it back for a fifth and final season. Over on Cinemax, Outcast slipped to a 0.04 rating with 113K total viewers as that show appears to be burning off its second season episodes before getting sent to a date with the Network Executioner.

On Tuesday, The CW’s The Outpost remained low at a 0.1 rating with 556K total viewers. That show is a foreign acquisition to fill up space in the Summer schedule, so whether it returns is up in the air. On Monday, Salvation remained at a 0.3 rating with 2.5 million total viewers and it seems more and more like it will be done after it wraps up its second season next week.

You can see the full ratings results for the week at this link, and be sure to follow the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site for the latest results and breaking news.  Ratings Source: ShowBuzzDaily

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News Roundup: According to the Twitter feed for the Netflix horror series Slasher, production has begun on the third season of that show. The Amazon Galaxy Quest reboot series is currently on hold due to executive changes at Paramount according to Paul Scheer. The Geek-friendly sitcom The Big Bang Theory will be wrapping up its run with this year’s twelfth season. In sci fi TV development news, Apple has begun work on an adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series and a Bewitched reboot is in the work at ABC. More on that at this link.

Status Updates: Reverie Is Now in Waiting Mode

Below is the status of all the currently airing shows or those still awaiting word on their fate.  This does not include streaming shows, unless there is information worth mentioning, because there is typically too little data available to gauge their fates. You can click through to the show pages to see week-over-week ratings results (where available) and find out more information about the series.  You can see the status of all the currently airing and returning sci fi TV shows at the Cancellation Watch Page.

Fear the Walking Dead (AMC, Status – Renewed): After getting off to a strong start in its fourth season, the ratings have been on a downward trend for this one, but AMC still renewed it for a fifth year.  That does not come as a huge surprise because it is still one of the highest rated cable shows, and the network is likely targeting at least six seasons total for this one to get it to a syndication friendly count of episodes.

Humans (AMC, Status – On the Bubble): This show’s numbers have been down in its third season, and AMC kicked the show out of Prime Time to the 11 PM hour; never a good sign. Its fate is more closely tied to how it is performing in Britain on Channel 4, but its numbers are down over there as well according to Wikipedia. I have moved it to Bubble status and will keep it there until we hear final word on its fate.

Into the Badlands (AMC, Status – On the Bubble): This show wrapped up the first half of its third season with ratings declines of over fifty percent from its second year and remains firmly On the Bubble. Fans should definitely make a Call to Action on the social networks to help it out and maybe bring more attention to it when it returns later this Summer.

Killjoys (Syfy, Status – Renewed): This show has returned for its fourth year at series low ratings levels, averaging viewership of less than half of what it saw in its third season. It has already been renewed through a fifth and final season, though, so it should at least have the opportunity to wrap up its storylines.

Outcast (MAX, Status – Cancellation Likely): By all appearances, this show appears to be in burn-off mode. The second season already aired in Europe over a year ago and the contracts for the actors have lapsed. The network has indicated that if viewership is strong enough for the second season in the U.S. that they could try to get the cast back, but the show is barely registering in the ratings so it appears to be done.

The Outpost (CW, Status – On the Bubble): The debut numbers for this one were low even for a CW series, but as an acquisition to fill up space on the Summer schedule it’s not necessarily doomed. If it does well internationally and if it does not cost the network too much, it could be back for another season.

Preacher (AMC, Status – On the Bubble): This show has wrapped its third season with ratings down by close to 40% from last year and I already considered it on iffy ground then. I have it On the Bubble and fans should definitely take to the social networks if they want this one to survive to a fourth season.

Reverie (NBC, Status – Cancellation Likely): This show has wrapped up its first season and is now awaiting word on its fate.  It was originally planned for a mid-season start, but was pushed on the schedule suggesting that the network lost faith in it. Its numbers were pretty low even for a Summer entry, and it didn’t seem to generate much activity on the social networks. If there are any fans out there, they need to make some noise on the social nets RIGHT NOW to draw attention to the show, otherwise it seems certainly set for a date with the Network Executioner.

Salvation (CBS, Status – On the Bubble): This show’s numbers remain low as do it chances of surviving to a third season. It has a streaming deal that likely makes it profitable for the network, but CBS may prefer to fill the hour with something that will draw more viewers watching live. I consider it firmly On the Bubble and will likely keep it there until we hear word on the show’s fate.

Wynonna Earp (Syfy, Status – Renewed): This show has returned even with its prior year ratings and it received a fourth year renewal notice during Comic-Con. It is one of the few shows not experiencing year-over-year declines, but fans should definitely remain active on the social networks to help expand the audience beyond its cult following.

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