What Ever Happened to Between, From Dusk Till Dawn, Dimension 404, and More? (Updated)

By | August 23, 2018

As we head into the Fall season, there are several shows on our Cancellation Watch page lingering in limbo as they have been awaiting word on their fates for some time (though one was just cancelled last week). Since it does not appear that their networks will be making an official announcement anytime soon, I will take this opportunity to make some logical assumptions in order to do some house cleaning on our list of shows. If anybody has additional inside information on these shows, please chime in below in the comments section.

(Links are to the show pages on this site.)

Between (Netflix, 2nd Season Streamed 2016): This virus-outbreak series is a co-production between Netflix and City TV up in Canada. It ran for two, six-episode seasons which wrapped up its original story but then ended on a cliffhanger suggesting the start of a whole new chapter. But it has been over two years since its second season debuted and there has been no word on a third year. The show’s Facebook page has gone inactive, and it has been removed from the City TV website. The show never received much publicity, but it has attracted quite a number of loyal viewers and its page on our site is one of our most frequently visited, typically by people wanting to know when the show will return. Since it has been two years with no activity, I have to assume Netflix and City have decided not to move forward with the show and I am going to consider it cancelled at this time. But there is apparently a large number of fans out there and if they were to band together and make a Call for Action in support of the show, perhaps a third season could happen.

Cleverman (Sundance, 2nd Season Aired Summer 2017): This racially-charged Australian series debuted in the U.S. on the Sundance channel in the Summer of 2016. A second season ran last Summer, but there has been no word on the show since then. It barely registered in the ratings in the States, and while its first season did well in its home country, its viewership dropped off in its second year. The show never developed much buzz in the U.S., though it may have made more waves in Australia due to its topical nature. At this point I am going to consider it cancelled because there is no word on a third season after an absence of a year. For those curious, the first two seasons are available for streaming on Netflix.

UPDATED Dimension 404 (Hulu, 1st Season Streamed Spring 2017): This retro sci fi anthology series debuted on Hulu back in the Spring of 2017 and received some decent buzz at that time. But there has been no word of a continuation since that time. The creators of the show did an AMA on Reddit at the time that the first season began and indicated that they wanted to do second year, but would have to work that in with other projects. There has been no recent activity that I have heard of, so I am going to consider it ended for now, but there is a chance that a second season could happen at some point. It is still available for streaming on Hulu, and if fans band together and demand more of the show, perhaps the streaming service will order another season.

Freakish (Hulu, 2nd Season Streamed Fall 2017): This horror / sci fi series debuted on Hulu in the Fall of 2016 then returned the following year with its second season. There has been no word on the show since then and Wikipedia claims that it has been cancelled but has no source for that claim. The first season renewal announcement came in May of 2017, so we are well past that timeframe as we head into the Fall 2018 season. The show’s production company, Awesomeness TV, has been bought by Verizon and is currently going through some shakeups. I am going to assume that Wikipedia is correct and this show will not be back for a third season. But if there are enough fans out there, they could stage a Call to Action and perhaps Awesomeness TV could consider ramping up a third season once the dust settles from the buy-out.

From Dusk Till Dawn (El Rey, 3rd Season Aired Fall 2016): It has been almost two years since the third season debut of this horror series and it appears that the sun has set on the show. El Rey released the actors from their contracts in October of 2016, but said no decision had been made on a fourth season yet. Supposedly, the network was going to decide by early 2017 on whether the series would continue, but they have remained mum on the show. Since it has been two years, though, it certainly appears this one is done and I am going to consider it cancelled at this point.

Hard Sun (Hulu, 1st Season Streamed Early 2018): This pre-apocalyptic procedural is a co-production between Hulu and BBC One that slipped onto the streaming service in the States with minimal promotion.  The show’s creator claims he has a five-year arc mapped out, but apparently neither network was interested in keeping it going as word broke this month that the show has been cancelled.

UPDATED Slasher (Netflix, 2nd Season Streamed Fall 2017): This season-long horror anthology series got its start on the Chiller before that network went defunct and then moved to Netflix for its second season. That streamed last Fall, but there was no word on the show after the season wrapped up. However, the Twitter Site for Slasher posted a tweet on August 20th indicating that Season 3 is in production. So expect that to debut on Netflix late 2018 or Early 2019.

The following shows will get some more time before I make a final call on them, but here’s where they currently stand:

Humans (AMC, Third Season Aired Summer 2018): This series is a co-production between Channel One in Britain and AMC in the U.S.  It’s ratings in the States have been low the last two seasons and AMC even kicked it out of Prime Time to the 11 PM hour this Summer.  It did much better across the Atlantic in its first two years, but its numbers there dropped off this past season.  There has been no word yet on a fourth year, but it has only been a little more than a month since it wrapped up its third season so I will give it some more time.
Current Status: On the Bubble

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams (Amazon, 1st Season Streamed Early 2018):  This anthology series is a co-production between Channel 4 and Amazon and it received a fair amount of acclaim when it aired across the Atlantic last Fall.  It hit Amazon in early 2018, but there has been no word on a second season.  Perhaps Amazon and Channel 4 are trying to work out a deal for more episodes, but the longer the delay the less likely we will see a second season from this one.
Current Status: On the Bubble

Supermansion (Crackle, 3rd Seasons Streamed Spring 2018): This animated superhero parody has done quite well for Crackle and has also performed well in its encore runs on Adult Swim.  It seems odd that we have not heard word on a third season, though the show did just debut a Summer special episode last week.  It may be that the principals such as Bryan Cranston are busy with other projects, and I’m thinking that there is still a good chance that more episode of this show will be forthcoming.
Current Status: Renewal Possible


2 thoughts on “What Ever Happened to Between, From Dusk Till Dawn, Dimension 404, and More? (Updated)

  1. Marcin

    Actually, Slasher was renewed to 3rd season on August 20. See their official twitter page.

    Also, I remember reading some reddit AMA with Dimension 404 creator. He said that he does have plans to continue the series, but before that, he has several other projects in mind. The way I understood it, it’s more like “I don’t wanna do season 2 just now (but will in the future)” than “they cancelled us”. I have no idea what kind of arrangement the creator has with Hulu, but hey, it’s possible they are willing to wait a bit and for now the series is kind of “frozen”.

    BTW, you’re doing a great job on this website, thank you for this! Greetings from Poland.

    1. johnnyjay Post author

      Thanks, and especially thanks for the additional information. Will get this incorporated into the article.


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