Cancellation Watch Breaking News: Stitchers Cancelled by Freeform After Three Seasons

By | September 16, 2017

Freeform (formerly ABC Family) has decided not to continue its sci fi procedural Stitchers for a fourth season and announced the cancellation of that show late Friday.  It has been one of the network’s lowest rated shows, averaging only a 0.13 rating based on the overnights this past Summer without significant gains in delayed viewing.  But I had thought that they would at least give it a fourth and final season to resolve all its storylines and to give it a more bingeable run for the streaming services.  Apparently they decided not to go that route, though as the network has, according to Hollywood Reporter, been shifting its programming to appeal to “‘becomers,’ or young adults who are experiencing a series of firsts like love and work”.  Stitchers has had a very dedicated fanbase that has been quite active on the social networks and the show’s “stickiness” in social media has previously been cited as a reason it has survived across three seasons despite mediocre to low ratings.  I do expect that the fans will make their voices heard and will lobby heavily for a fourth season of the show.

Stitchers follows a group of people who have their minds “stitched” into the memories of the recently deceased and use that information to solve crimes.  It stars Emma Ishta, Kyle Harris, Ritesh Rajan, and Salli Richardson-Whitfield, and it was an inhouse production from Disney/ABC TV.

One thought on “Cancellation Watch Breaking News: Stitchers Cancelled by Freeform After Three Seasons

  1. Lou

    I really think that these so called rating need to be trashed, maybe alot of people don’t like certain shows but for the people out there that loves those shows, well we all fall victims to loosing our shows, ratings to me are plain BS. We loose more and more shows because of it and when they change time slots it also kills the shows to. But the other problem is, about 90% of the shows that get canceled they leave you hanging and i have to say i can swear alot about that BS. Its like why bother starting to watch a show if it gets canceled any where from the pilot to less then 3 season and with no closure. the tv stations STINK and they need to get these shows on other things like netflix, hulu, amazon and something like that where most shows last longer or at least to an amount of seasons it should run with closure . to me toss them dam rating system out the door,this will only kill a series. I could go on but whats the point, we will read it and agree but will the people who produce the show and tv stations and so on care, HELL NOT AT ALL.


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