Cancellation Watch: Status Updates on Slasher, Wayward Pines, Siberia, and More

By | July 17, 2017

There are several sci fi and fantasy shows out there in limbo at the moment.  These shows have finished up their current season, but we have heard no word on their fate yet, some for quite a while.  Here is a rundown of those, sorted by my estimation of those most to least likely to be back for another year.

Slasher (Chiller): This season-long serial killer anthology ended its first season over a year ago, and I had assumed that it was another one-and-done Peak TV entry because we had heard no word on its fate.  But the website for Orangeville in Ontario, Canada indicated that filming began there on the second season of the show in May of 2017.  Assuming that information is correct, I would expect to see that second season on the air later this year or early next.

Wayward Pines (FOX): This show’s second season ended last Summer, and a third year could still happen.  That would not be until 2018 at the earliest, though, because FOX entertainment president David Madden indicated at the TCAs in January that it “didn’t come together quickly enough” to happen in 2017. Likely there were scheduling conflicts with M. Night Shyamalan’s other projects and FOX may be trying to decide if another season is worth the investment. But Madden officially said that the show is “not cancelled” and Shyamalan has ideas for a third year, so fans can still hope for at least one more season from this one.

Iron Fist (Netflix): [Update: This show has been renewed for a second season] The fourth entry in Netflix’s Defenders series arrived in March to mixed reviews, and there is still no word on whether this show will get a second season.  The Iron Fist character will be part of the upcoming team-up series that debuts August 18th and he will likely crossover into some of the other solo series as well.  In comics, he regularly teamed up with Luke Cage (aka Power Man), so don’t be surprised to see him in the second season of that character’s show.  And when Netflix decides it is time for another season of Iron Fist, then we will get more solo adventures from the character.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Netflix): The revival season of this show arrived on Netflix in April, and it was well received from what I heard.  I believe it still has a Christmas special episode on the way, but no word on additional seasons beyond that.  Its possible that series creator Joel Hodgson is negotiating another season with the streaming service, or he may go back to Kickstarter if he wants to keep creative control over the show.  But I definitely would not count this one out.

Dimension 404 (Hulu): This throwback sci fi anthology series wrapped up its six-episode run in April and received some good praise, though it definitely did not get the same level of attention as Hulu’s Emmy nominated The Handmaid’s Tale.  It seems possible that this one could come back for a second season, but there are no guarantees at this point.

Between (Netflix): It has been over a year now since this show’s second season was released with no word on its fate from Netflix or its partner the City channel in Canada. On March 1st, the Between Facebook Page had the following post: “Are you excited about the new season of #Between??”  But nothing substantial has been posted there since, so fans will have to continue to wait for the official word on whether we will get a conclusion to that second season cliffhanger.

From Dusk Till Dawn (El Rey): The El Rey network announced last year that they had released this show’s stars from from their contracts. The network’s options on the actors were set to expire after the show’s third season, and El Rey has not made a move to extend them. The network has not claimed that the show has been cancelled, but releasing the stars is never a good sign.  At this point, it would appear that the chances of this show continuing to a fourth season are slim, though fans could appeal to Netflix, where past seasons are currently streaming, for a revival.

Siberia (NBC): This mock-reality, sci fi / horror series has been off the air in the States since its little-watched first season aired in Summer 2013.  But it has been syndicated internationally and as recently as a year ago one of the show’s stars (Sam Dobbins) told me via Twitter that a second season could still happen.  Its production company Sierra-Engine Television owns the rights to the show, not NBC, so they could produce another season if they decide to commit the resources to it.  This one counts as a sleeper series that could become a cult favorite, but it sure would be nice if they gave it some sort of resolution to that cliffhanger the first season ended on.

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