Cancellation Watch Breaking News: Orphan Black Renewed for a Fifth and Final Season

By | June 16, 2016

orphan-blackAs BBC America’s Orphan Black preps for its Season 4 finale tonight, word broke that the show has been renewed for a fifth year, but that will be its last. This show comes as a partnership with BBC America and the Space Channel up in Canada and has seen its ratings drop off considerably its last two seasons though it remains a well-respected sci fi entry. I have been predicting for a while that It may end with its fifth or six season, and now it is official that it will have one more year to wrap up its storylines. Its fifth season will comprise ten episodes and will air in 2017. Fans of the show might have preferred it to stick around for a few more years, but it is not uncommon for these Canadian-based shows to wrap up around their fifth season or so (as we saw with Lost Girl and The Listener at five seasons each and Continuum at four seasons). And this at least gives the writers the opportunity to wrap up the show’s major arcs.

Orphan Black is one of several Spring shows that was awaiting word on its fate. The others include Syfy’s 12 Monkeys, Wynonna Earp, and Hunters as well as Freeform’s Stitchers. Keep a close eye on this site as well as the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site as I expect some breaking news on these in the coming weeks.

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