Cancellation Watch Breaking News: No Terminus for The Walking Dead as It Gets Renewed for a Seventh Season

By | October 30, 2015

twd-season-6Perhaps this doesn’t count as breaking news as the seventh season renewal for The Walking Dead has been pretty much assumed since well before the series kicked off its sixth year.  Sure, its numbers are down this season, but they had to slip at some point and in the current ratings slump environment this is no surprise.  And it is still the highest rated scripted series on all of television by a large margin as the executives for the broadcast networks can only look with envy at the overnights TWD pulls each week while their numbers for the Fall season are in the toilet.  It still believe that The Walking Dead will never have to worry about facing the Network Executioner and will walk out on its own terms when the cast and crew eventually decide that the show has run its course.

I published the most current set of Sci Fi TV Power Rankings earlier today knowing that almost every time I put that out a renewal and/or cancellation announcement follows shortly thereafter causing me to scramble to revise the rankings.  But not necessary this time because The Walking Dead was already at the top of the list!

Among the other shows in the Unassailable category in the current power rankings that have returned this Fall are The Flash, Arrow, and American Horror Story.  I still expect renewals for all there of those, though AHS does need to level off.

And be sure to keep an eye on this site and the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site for any more breaking news over the coming weeks from the Fall season because there are certainly plenty more announcements on the way.

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