Cancellation Watch: The Strain and Sense8 Have Been Renewed, But What About the Other Summer Shows?

By | August 11, 2015

This past weekend, we heard word on the renewals of FX’s The Strain (for a third season) and Netflix’s Sense8 (for a second season). Neither announcement came as a huge surprise, though Netflix did drag their heals longer than usual on the Sense8 renewal. But that one continues their streak of renewing all of their original shows for at least a second year. Those two now join now join The Strain (FX), Humans (AMC), Scream (MTV), Stitchers (ABCF), Salem (WGN), and Teen Wolf (MTV) among the renewed Summer entries and only one show has had to face the Network Executioner so far (NBC’s Hannibal, though its producers are still shopping it around). And with all of those shows now secure, it is worth taking a look at the rest of the Summer entries (and two of the Spring shows) to gauge their chances of also getting renewed. Here is a rundown on the ones still awaiting word on their status ranked by most to least likely to get cancelled:

(Links are to the show’s page on this site where you can see its season to date ratings.)

the-last-ship-tnt-cancelledThe Last Ship (TNT): This show’s numbers are down year over year, but in line with the ratings slump the cable networks are currently experiencing.  It still places in the Top 25 most watched shows on cable each week, so it should be on course a third season.  Final Verdict: Renewed   Update 8/11/15: This series has been renewed for a third season as expected.

Dominion (Syfy): Its numbers are down this year as well, but it is doing okay for a Syfy entry and it has been the network’s most consistently performing show this Summer.  Final Verdict: Renewed

Dark Matter (Syfy): It can’t be considered a huge hit, but it is Syfy’s best performing new entry since Z Nation last fall.  Plus, the network has partnered with the Canadian Space Channel on the show and I understand it is doing well up north.  Final Verdict: Renewed

Killjoys (Syfy): This one is not doing as well as Syfy’s other new Summer entry Dark Matter, but it benefits from the same partnership that show has with the Space Channel in Canada.  Plus, Syfy has shown patience with its new shows of late.  Final Verdict: Renewed

Zoo (CBS): This show doesn’t count as the breakout hit Under the Dome was two seasons ago, but it has the best numbers among any of the genre entries on the broadcast networks this Summer.  It is likely expensive to produce because of the need to work with animals on a regular basis and it has also received some flack from PETA for some of the animals used in the production.  But I think its chances still look good.  Final Verdict: Renewed

Wayward Pines (FOX): This show did decent in the ratings (neck and neck with Zoo) and word is that FOX is leaning toward bringing it back for another season.  The actors have already been released from their contracts (because the show was delayed from its intended mid-season premiere), but the Season 1 finale set up a cast change anyway.  Final Verdict: Renewed

Under the Dome (CBS): This one hit a series low in the ratings last week, but it still has its Amazon partnership and international financing backing it.  Word is that CBS is currently mulling a fourth season, so it may still have some life in it.  Final Verdict:  Renewed

Proof (TNT): This show has delivered mostly tepid numbers, but Stitchers (ABC Family) and Scream (MTV) were renewed at similar ratings levels and Proof has been performing better than either of those two in total viewers.  Plus, TNT renewed Legends last Summer which also performed in this range.  Final Verdict: Toss up (leaning toward renewal)

Olympus (Syfy): This show barely registered in the ratings with only a 0.1 average based on the overnights for the 18-49 demographic.  But Syfy did partner with the Canadian Super Channel on this one, so that may help keep it alive.  But the fact that we have yet to hear word on it does not bode well.  Final Verdict: Toss up (leaning toward cancellation)

Sleepy-Hollow-Providence-1Defiance (Syfy): Its numbers are down in its third season, but it is performing at about the same levels as Syfy’s other Summer entries Dominion and Dark Matter.  However, I believe that Defiance is an expensive series to produce, and Syfy is carrying most if not all of the production cost as the show does not have a partnership with an international network.  It was once pegged as the network’s flagship, but its numbers have dropped significantly from its first season.    Final Verdict: Toss up (leaning toward cancellation)

Golan the Insatiable (FOX): This animated series was out-performed by the repeats of The Simpsons and Family Guy that acted as its lead-in, so it almost certainly will not return to FOX’s schedule.  It could still survive on FXX where Animation Domination HD airs (the show that gave Golan is start).  Final Verdict: Cancelled (though it may jump to FXX)

Extant (CBS): This show has the same Amazon partnership and international financing as Under the Dome, and that could help keep it going despite abysmal ratings.  But you have to think that CBS execs might be seriously considering replacing it with something that will bring in more viewers.  Final Verdict: Cancelled

The Whispers (ABC): The early numbers for this show looked good, but then it went on a steady downward slide.  The actors were released from their contracts at the end of June (like Wayward Pines, this show was delayed from its intended mid-season start), and its numbers have remained below the 1.0 mark since before that time.  Its prospects definitely look grim.  Final Verdict: Cancelled


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  1. Brenda Kay

    “Extant” started a bit slow and shaky for its second season, but the storyline has become very engaging with a multiple of twists. I truly would be shocked if CBS considers renewing the increasingly ridiculous and stupid “Under The Doom” over “Extant”.


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