Cancellation Watch: Constantine Producer Announces That ‘the Show is Over’, but is an Appearance on Arrow Still Possible?

By | June 8, 2015

constantine-nbc-cancelledNBC announced the cancellation of low-rated but beloved Constantine last month, but fans had reason to hope as the show’s studio Warner Bros. indicated it was trying to shop it around to other networks and possibly the streaming services as well.  But series producer Daniel Cerone just dashed those hopes as he has announced that “those efforts didn’t pan out” and “that the show is over.”  He indicated that the “cast and writers of Constantine are being released from their contracts” which is as clear a sign as any that the studio has given up on it.  I heard that is was an expensive series to produce and that may have worked against it, especially for the cable channels that don’t have as much money available for production costs as the broadcast networks.  There were rumors that The CW might grab it (because it already has multiple DC shows on it slate), but the fifth place network also has budget concerns and its president previously dismissed any efforts to try and pick up the show.   It’s not absolutely impossible that something could still happen, especially if a spirited fan campaign were to push hard for a return.  But it was already in longshot status after the cancellation and it would need close to a miracle for it to return at this point.

Of course there is still a chance that the Constantine character (and possibly played by Matt Ryan) could return to television.  Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim has said that he would love for the character to show up on his series, claiming that “there’s a lot of desire on everyone’s part” to incorporate Constantine in the Arrow-verse.  And if not there, perhaps Constantine could join the team-up series Legends of Tomorrow which will bow at mid-season (I’ve heard no actual rumors to that affect, just speculating).  Whether Ryan (along with other Constantine actors) would be interested in jumping aboard The CW shows for a recurring/ongoing run remains to be seen.  But at least there is a chance that he could return to the beloved role he played this last season.

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