Changes/Improvements Coming to Cancelled Sci Fi

By | May 18, 2015

Cancelled-Sci-Fi-Logo-SmallBefore I go into the changes, let me first assure loyal followers of this site that the url will not be changing.  We went through a few years of shifting around, but is now our permanent home.

As for the changes, they are nothing too major, but they are a way to optimize the posting and get the information sci fi fans are looking for out in a more concise manner.  First off, we will be getting in sync with the industry standard TV week of Monday thru Sunday, particularly in the Prime Time Sci Fi TV posts and the Cancellation Watch posts.  And for that latter series of posts, the full ratings numbers will now come out once per as opposed to twice or more the way we have been doing it.  On Tuesdays, I will post the Monday thru Sunday ratings results, and I will also be merging the chart information into that weekly post.  I will post commentaries on the ratings results throughout the week when the numbers are notable, but the full ratings results will come out just once per week.

In addition to this, starting with the Spring shows we will posting the season to date numbers for each show on their pages on this site.  These will get updated about twice a week usually on Tuesday/Wednesday and Friday/Saturday (and we will be waiting for the finals before getting those up).  Plus, the new and improved version of the the Power Rankings will include all currently active shows and it will appear once per month (which is pretty close to the schedule I have been keeping for that one..

The goal is to get as much information as possible on the site for sci fi / fantasy TV fans, but without splitting that across as many posts.  And of course the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site will continue to be the go to place for the latest ratings results and breaking news with the Canceled Sci Fi site compiling that at several point through the week.  Hopefully you will find these changes useful in keeping track of your favorite shows, and we look forward to your feedback in the comments section, on our Twitter Site, on our Facebook Page, and at

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