Sci Fi TV Pulse: Constantine Just Wrapped Up Its First Season, Vote if That and More of This Season’s Sci Fi / Fantasy Shows Have You Engaged

By | February 15, 2015

This weekly poll is a way to gauge engagement among sci fi fans relating to the genre TV shows airing for the current 2014-15 season.  The poll only includes shows from this season that have had their debuts or that will be premiering during the current week.  Please vote each week on which shows you are watching and also feel free to add comments about these shows below.  We will be compiling this information throughout the season and sending the statistics to the television network so that they can see which shows have generated the most engagement from the sci fi audience.

Note: I noticed the two entries in the poll for Agent Carter and none for Agents of SHIELD and unfortunately can’t change that because the poll won’t accept edits once the voting has started.  For the season to date results (which will be posted here shortly), I will combine the votes for the two Agent Carter entries and plug in the StD average for Agents of SHIELD so that one does not get slighted for the week.

Poll Closed.  Find the latest poll at this link.

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