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By | January 19, 2015

Cancelled-Sci-Fi-Logo-SmallWe are continuing to tweak the look and feel of and have gone back to a format similar to what we had prior to changing servers.  We would like to know what you think, so please respond to the poll below and also let us know in the comments how you like the new look and your thoughts on the site in general.  And we hope to continue to bring you the latest ratings news, updates on cancellations and renewals, and even more going into the new year.

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2 thoughts on “New Look for – Let Us Know Your Thoughts

  1. Someone

    Oh boy.

    1. The images in the Related Posts section are missing (404).

    2. There’s no distinction between the title of the site + tagline (“Cancelled Sci Fi. Will your favorite Sci Fi […]”) and the rest of the site. It looked like it as part of the article.

    3. When the menu at the top gets squeezed into two rows (which happens on a browser width of 1024px and lower) the dropdowns in the top row don’t completely cover the second row (it looks transparent). As a result you get words on top of each other.

    4. The shade of blue in the top menu differs from blue in the separators in the sidebar and footer. If you intended to make the theme use two shades, you should have distributed them better. This makes the top menu look out of place.

    5. Only the top menu uses shading, it’s not used for other elements. Again, this makes it look out of place.

    6. The massive amount of white makes the site look unfinished. At first I thought the stylesheet didn’t load correctly. The combination of the theme bugs, “default” look, ads, and broken images make the site look at a first glance like an algorithmically generated spam blog rather than a legitimate site.

    7. The RSS icon in the sidebar isn’t aligned with the text “Recent Posts”. Compare with the correctly placed icon in the comment section (with the text “Subscribe to comments feed”).

    In case the misaligment was intentional (for emphasis, w/e) you should keep it consistent, i.e. pick one alignment style and stick with it.

    8. The new article showcase on the homepage of the site blows up low res images making them look terrible. Use higher res images if you expect them to show up there.

    9. Also on the homepage: similar issue with the images at the left of the article titles: low res images get blown up and end up looking terrible. The worst is the poster collage.

    10. Some of the “article images” on the homepage don’t show up at all (404). For example on the following articles: “Cancellation Watch: Ascension Does Not Soar too High with First Installment, The Librarians Drops with Second Episode”, “Sci Fi TV Development: Syfy Picks Up Krypton, Plus Preacher and Beowulf TV Adaptations are in the Works” and “Prime Time Sci Fi TV: Two Big Debuts on Syfy This Week – The Much Anticipated Ascension and . . . Christmas Icetastrophe” Same on an even larger number of articles on the next pages in the archive (if you click the page numbers at the bottom of the site).

    Frankly the previous theme looked great, if you can you should revert to that, or recreate it.

  2. BrendaKay

    This site definitely needs some color – the solid white background looks very bland and boring, so there is nothing to catch the eye or the interest. A distinctive font to break up the heading and article titles would also be much more appealing than what is now being used.


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