Sci Fi TV Pulse: As Mid-Season Begins Will You be Watching the New Shows Agent Carter, Galavant and/or the Returning Shows Like Gotham, Person of Interest, Etc?

By | January 4, 2015

agent-carter-abc-cancelledMid-season is kicking off and it is time to restart the Sci Fi TV Pulse polls that measure the engagement among the fan community.  This is your chance to vote for the shows you are watching and provide an additional measure of the popularity of the current sci fi / fantasy entries on television.  I regularly share this data with the networks (though I can’t say if they are doing anything with the numbers) and will continue to pass the results along through the rest of the season.  The shows included in the poll are those that have already been airing this season as well as those that will have their premieres this coming week (you can see the full mid-season schedule at this link).  Vote on the shows that you will be or have been watching and be sure to come back each week to vote for those that continue to keep you engaged.  Beneath the poll section are the season to date results through the final Fall poll (where The 100 continues to hold a strong lead).  And those will be updated each week with the latest Sci Fi TV Pulse post.

Poll Closed.  Find the latest poll at this link.

Which Struggling or Recently Cancelled Shows Deserve Another Season?

  • Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency (Status: Cancelled) (35%, 4,887 Votes)
  • Sense8 (Status: Cancelled) (18%, 2,568 Votes)
  • Agents of SHIELD (Status: On the Bubble) (13%, 1,872 Votes)
  • Dark Matter (Status: Cancelled) (10%, 1,460 Votes)
  • The Shannara Chronicles (Status: Cancellation Likely) (4%, 621 Votes)
  • Once Upon A Time (Status: Cancelled) (3%, 403 Votes)
  • Midnight Texas (Status: On the Bubble) (3%, 390 Votes)
  • The Inhumans (Status: Cancellation Likely) (2%, 319 Votes)
  • The Exorcist (Status: On the Bubble) (2%, 310 Votes)
  • Stitchers (Status: Cancelled) (2%, 280 Votes)
  • Zoo (Status: Cancelled) (1%, 176 Votes)
  • Kevin Probably Saves the World (Status: Cancellation Likely) (1%, 160 Votes)
  • From Dusk Till Dawn (Status: In Limbo) (1%, 124 Votes)
  • The Mist (Status: Cancelled) (1%, 115 Votes)
  • Blood Drive (Status: Cancelled) (1%, 108 Votes)
  • Ghost Wars (Status: Cancellation Likely) (1%, 107 Votes)
  • Extinct (Status: Renewal Possible) (1%, 83 Votes)
  • Between (Status: In Limbo) (1%, 72 Votes)
  • Superstition (Status: Cancellation Likely) (0%, 56 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,575

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Season to Date Results (Click to Expand):

Sci Fi TV Pulse Results

8 thoughts on “Sci Fi TV Pulse: As Mid-Season Begins Will You be Watching the New Shows Agent Carter, Galavant and/or the Returning Shows Like Gotham, Person of Interest, Etc?

  1. Richard

    What about shows on Playstation like Powers or Sense8 on Netflix.
    Can you track these?

    1. admin Post author

      It’s much harder to gauge the cancellation / renewal prospects for shows on the streaming services because they do not share their viewing numbers, so they will not be included in the weekly posts covering ratings. But we will follow them here once they make it to their respect venues.

    1. admin Post author

      I will send the results to them, whether it will influence them is up for debate. I would recommend also writing directly to them and being as active as possible on the social networks to bring attention to the show.

      1. sybil

        Done and done. And voting often. As they says: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

        Thanks for doing this.

  2. Sarah

    Haven! I’ll be watching and Tweeting about Haven. The little show that the network never supported but the fans sure as hell have!


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