Sci Fi TV Pulse: Will Haven or The 100 Win the Poll for This Week?

By | October 26, 2014

haven-syfy-cancelledThis weekly poll is a way to gauge engagement among sci fi fans relating to the genre TV shows currently airing for the Fall season.  The poll only includes shows from the Fall 2014 season that have had their debuts or that will be premiering during the current week (and the BBC America entries that debuted late August are included as well).  Please vote each week on which shows you are watching and also feel free to add comments about these shows below.  We will be compiling this information throughout the season and sending the statistics to the television network so that they can see which shows have generated the most engagement from the sci fi audience.

Comments: Last week, The 100 had its Season 2 debut to mediocre ratings but gave Haven a strong run for its money in the Sci Fi TV Pulse poll.  Haven had a narrow victory or 372 votes to 347, but The 100 was leading most of the week.  And interestingly, those are two of the lowest rated genre shows currently airing, but they definitely show high fan engagement.  Those fans should continue making noise on the social network sites (and continue voting here) to get the word out about their shows and maybe lure over some more viewers.

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13 thoughts on “Sci Fi TV Pulse: Will Haven or The 100 Win the Poll for This Week?

  1. Peter

    i really like the dc universe series (all of them) for the rest the 100 is ok for me i kinda like it and dr who well i am a fan of the series but cant say i really like the new doctor all the new episodes are a bit out there in the fantasy realm and i prefer sci-fi over that

    all the other series listed i am not interested in them at all

  2. Joan

    Syfy needs to get haven advertised on mainstream tv like on channels USA and TNT. So people that do not normally watch syfy will come over. I found haven on netflix. The show was on the air for four seasons before I knew it existed. That is not good. The show is phenomenal. Prime time and top channel worthy. It should not be always fighting to stay alive! Just sayin’

    1. Amanda

      Completely agree I found it on netflix also and fell I’ve with Nathan duke and audrey

  3. Christna

    I love my Haven and think it is not getting the ads to draw in fans. Some people are not even aware that Haven is still on or what time it is. This year all I see advertised is zombie shows and Ghost Hunters. Haven is an amazing show and needs more promotions. During Raw and Smackdown would be a great time to show promos. Since Edge is a star of known to fans of both wresting and Haven…Also when a show changes times and days there should be more of a notice to the fans. Talented actors. Talented writers. Keep Haven!!

    1. pamela

      I love Haven…we in the uk love the actors in it…keep it on our tv!!! I would pay to watch it!!!

  4. Denesa Butts

    Haven is the best show I have watched in a long time! I read The Colorado Kid, well I listened to the audiobook and I was wondering how the book ties in with the show besides the Colorado kid being in it. So many mysteries left to be explained. Keeps me on the edge of my seat!

  5. Jennifer

    I absolutely love most of the shows but the 100 is amazing something I highly recommend.

  6. Kat

    The 100 is amazing and deserves so much more promotion than it gets! Especially in other countries, where I’m from about two people knew about it before I showed a lot more people it. Go the 100!!

  7. Mariana Duarte

    The 100 is such an underrated show, it deserves a lot more of viewers it’s really good and it’s really well made, which we don’t see around much!

  8. Laura

    The 100 is the best show ever!!!!!!! Highly recommend!!!! Amazing show. It grabs you attention and it is very suspenseful. Ah-mazing.


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