Sci Fi TV Pulse: The 100 and Grimm Return This Week and Constantine Has Its Bow, Will You Be Tuning In?

By | October 19, 2014

the-100-cancelledThis weekly poll is a way to gauge engagement among sci fi fans relating to the genre TV shows currently airing for the Fall season.  The poll only includes shows from the Fall 2014 season that have had their debuts or that will be premiering during the current week (and the BBC America entries that debuted late August are included as well).  Please vote each week on which shows you are watching and also feel free to add comments about these shows below.  We will be compiling this information throughout the season and sending the statistics to the television network so that they can see which shows have generated the most engagement from the sci fi audience.

Poll Closed. Find the current week’s poll at this link

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13 thoughts on “Sci Fi TV Pulse: The 100 and Grimm Return This Week and Constantine Has Its Bow, Will You Be Tuning In?

  1. Darla

    The best of all of them would be The 100. I look forward week to week to see what adventures await us. Bob Morley, Devon Bostick, Christopher Larkin and Eliza Taylor are key in making the show worth watching. Thanks you all!!!

  2. Lana

    Haven is my absolute favourite TV show, very closely followed by Doctor Who.

    1. admin Post author

      Actual science fiction, maybe. But we wrap up that plus fantasy and supernatural/horror into the all-encompassing sci fi term because of the typically shared fanbase.

  3. Rhonda

    I really enjoy watching Haven! Look forward to it every Friday night. Please keep it on………. Thank You!

  4. Tawnya

    Haven is a great show. I love the endless possibilities with the story line but I love the relationship with the main characters and the humor.Please renew this show.

  5. Theresa Madison

    Don’t cancel Haven! Has been one of my favorits shows since it started

  6. Theresa Madison

    Please don’t cancel Haven! It’s been one of my favorite shows since it started

  7. Joan

    Please keep haven going! Best show syfy has had in years. I was am a star gate sg-1 fan and didn’t come back to syfy until I discovered haven on netflix! Now I am glued to the set whenever it airs on syfy and I am hardly alone! Thanks!


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