Live+3 Ratings: Agents of SHIELD Still in the Top 25 Based on That Measure, But Does That Mean Anything?

By | October 10, 2014

Agents-of-SHIELD-logoThe networks claim that they will be looking closer at the Live+3 and Live+7 ratings this year which factor in delayed DVR viewings up to 7 days.  Whether these numbers will really factor in to the renewal/cancellation decisions for these shows remains to be seen (or do they just use them to inflate the numbers in their PR spin press releases).  I decided to go ahead and compile the Live+3 numbers and see how the sci fi / fantasy shows rank when measured by that metric.  The numbers are interesting at this point, but I can’t say for certain if this data really means anything nor do I know if I will be able to get this data on a regular basis.  Below are the rankings for the genre entries for the week starting Monday September 29th thru Sunday October 5th.  Most interesting to me is that Agents of SHIELD is still in the Top 25 when ranked based on the Live+3 ratings.  It even ended up ranked better than Resurrection which had a higher Live+SD (Same Day) score but did not gain as much on the three day DVR numbers.  Maybe this means that Agents of SHIELD is in better shape than I thought, or maybe it means nothing.  For now, it’s just a few more interesting numbers for us data junkies.  Over the next few months, though, maybe we will be able to gauge if these numbers are truly meaningful.  Note that this is only the Live+3 numbers for the broadcast nets at this point (I’m seeing some cable numbers come through as well, though) and I have those below for all of last week’s sci fi / fantasy shows.  The ranking below is based on a total of 95 broadcasts tracked in Prime Time on the broadcast networks which includes some repeat airings.

Sep 29 – Oct 5 Total Broadcasts Tracked: 95
Rank Series Net- work Live+3 Rating Live+SD Rating % Chng Live+SD Rank
8 Gotham FOX 4.2 2.8 50.0% 16
10 Once Upon A Time ABC 4.2 3.3 27.3% 11
24 Agents of SHIELD ABC 2.8 1.8 55.6% 37
29 Resurrection ABC 2.7 2.0 35.0% 30
31 Sleepy Hollow FOX 2.6 1.7 52.9% 41
32 Person Of Interest CBS 2.6 1.8 44.4% 37
38 Forever ABC 2.3 1.4 64.3% 51
66 Vampire Diaries CW 1.4 0.9 55.6% 73

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