The Charts: Under the Dome Falls Far on the Charts, Extant Drops Out

By | September 11, 2014

Under-the-Dome-CancelledLast Summer, CBS was riding high on the surprise success of Under the Dome and not only did they renew that then but they also added another genre entry for this year with Extant.  But neither of those shows has been able to repeat last Summer’s numbers with Under the Dome experiencing significant year over year ratings drops and Extant having delivered only mediocre numbers at best since it debuted.  Despite this, at least Under the Dome has placed well in the charts throughout the Summer and Extant has remained in the Top 25.  Not this past week, though, as both shows experienced significant drops in their rankings on the charts.  Under the Dome slipped all the way to Number 23 based on the ratings in the 18-49 demographic (from Number 11 last week) and it dropped to Number 19 (down from Number 8) in the total viewers charts.  Extant fell all the way out of the ratings chart for the first time this season and it slipped to the edge of the total viewers chart (down from Number 14).  Of course, Under the Dome had the disadvantage of airing on Labor Day (thought its numbers actually improved last year on that day), and also there were a few more non-repeats on the broadcast nets as they are ramping up for the Fall season.  And Under the Dome‘s numbers did improve this last Monday so, it should rise when next week’s rankings come out.  But as I have documented in my Cancellation Watch column, these shows have definitely under-performed this year with the fate of Extant looking particularly grim at the moment.

As for the cable shows, with True Blood and The Last Ship wrapped for the Summer, no genre shows made it into the cable Top 25 based on total viewers.  Several of the usual suspects made it into the social rankings charts and Witches of East End returned to the General Sentiment charts for the first time since mid-July.  That’s at least a bit of good news for that one since its ratings have been slipping of late.

Here is the full look at chart activity for genre shows for the week of September 1st thru 7th:

Nielsen Twitter Ratings
Series Network Rank Prior Week Move -ment
Teen Wolf MTV 6 n/a Up
Cable Networks Top 25 – Total Viewers
No Activity for Genre Shows
Broadcast Networks Top 25 – Ratings 18-49
Series Network Rank Prior Week Move -ment Viewers (MM) Prior Week
Under the Dome CBS 23 11 Down 1.2 1.4
Broadcast Networks Top 25 – Total Viewers
Series Network Rank Prior Week Move -ment Viewers (MM) Prior Week
Under the Dome CBS 19 8 Down 6.3 6.6
Extant CBS 24 14 Down 5.8 5.7
General Sentiment – Cable Channels Top 25
Series Network Rank Prior Week Move -ment
Doctor Who BBCA 2 2 Same
Teen Wolf MTV 3 n/a Up
The Leftovers HBO 6 n/a Up
The Strain FX 11 11 Same
Witches of East End Lifetime 22 n/a Up
General Sentiment – Broadcast Networks Top 25
Series Network Rank Prior Week Move -ment
Under the Dome CBS 8 9 Up
Extant CBS 16 13 Down

Nielsen Twitter Ratings ranked based on the Unique Audience – The total number of distinct Twitter accounts accruing at least one impression of one or more different Tweets ascribed to a TV episode.  More info at this link.

General Sentiment tracks activity across the social networks for shows airing new episodes in Prime Time (start times between 8:00 PM and 10:55 PM EST Monday – Saturday and 7:00 PM and 10:55 PM EST on Sunday).  This data collected on seven (7) major broadcast networks and 43 cable television networks.  More info at this link.

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  1. JPN

    This show is an example of all that is wrong and pathetic from Network American TV. Bad acting , bad script (even with Mr King contributing) and bad sets.
    Utter crap!


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