Cancellation Watch: There is Still a Chance for a Second Season of Siberia

By | July 4, 2014

SiberiaIt was just over a year ago on July 1, 2013 that an odd little series named Siberia slipped onto the NBC Summer schedule with little fanfare and began its first season run. Those who had no knowledge of what the show was about were in for a surprise because at first glance it looked like little more than latest reality TV retread on the Survivor formula, only this time moved to the wilderness of Siberia. But things quickly took a twist as one of the contestants had an ill-fated encounter in the first episode and the others soon found that the game had morphed into a struggle to stay alive. And thus this mock-reality horror series hooked its viewers into its concept and set off on its journey of compounding mysteries and increasing terror.

NBC did very little to promote this series prior to its debut last season and viewers may have been a bit confused at first because it took a few episodes to fully develop into the horror series it would become. But by the halfway point, this show had turned into an engaging bit of genre television that had its audience riveted and asking questions about all the mysteries that kept surfacing. The problem was, though, that by that point the viewership had dropped almost in half from where the show premiered.

The first episode of Siberia pulled a 1.1 rating in the overnights based on the 18-49 demographic, which wasn’t a spectacular bow but was still good enough for a lower cost entry airing during the Summer. But the lack of promotion along with a premise that may have confused many viewers and the fact that Siberia aired in the same timeslot as the surprise CBS hit Under the Dome (which pulled a 2.9 rating for its debut on that same night), all worked against the show. It’s numbers starting decline to the point that it was pulling scores in the 0.7/0.6 range for the second half of its season.

After the series ended its first season run (on one hell of a cliffhanger), NBC said nothing about a renewal or cancellation, though it was noticeably absent from their Summer 2014 schedule. By all appearances, it looked like it was de facto cancelled, but in truth this only meant that NBC had chosen not to air further episodes of the show. But Siberia’s production company—Sierra/Engine Television—still owns it and can shop the show around to other venues. And apparently that is exactly what they are doing.

I did some checking up on the show’s actors on Twitter, and over the past few months they are still making public appearances together and the series has since had its debut internationally across several countries, so it is getting increased exposure. I checked in with several of those actors and received this tweet response from Neeko Skervin (@NeekoSiberia): “Yes there is still a really good chance of Siberia Returning. As of now negotiations are underway to make it all happen.” And also this from Miljan Milosevic (@MiljanMilosevic): “it isn’t cancelled yet. We will see. There’s still hope as far as I know…” I also contacted Sierra/Engine asking about the status, but have not received a response yet.
But despite the lack of substantial activity on the show and the fact that it has been written off as dead several times (including by me), a second season could still be on the horizon. And based on the traffic that I have seen lately at checking on the status of the show, apparently this sleeper sci fi/horror series has developed somewhat of a fanbase in the States and internationally. I would suggest that fans continue to make their presence known on Twitter and Facebook and also contact Sierra/Engine directly (Email address: A continued show of support can only help the show’s prospects at this point. And I am guessing that after Siberia has made the rounds internationally, then the studio will get to work on that long delayed second season.

For those who have not seen the series, I highly recommend checking it out. It received its DVD release earlier this year and is currently available from for under $20 (buying up the DVD set would be a good show of support as well). It was only eleven episodes, so you can make it through the first season pretty quickly, but by the time that final cliffhanger hits you are going to find yourself screaming for more and ready to join up with Siberia’s ever-growing fanbase.

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28 thoughts on “Cancellation Watch: There is Still a Chance for a Second Season of Siberia

  1. blondel

    on a adoré la saison 1 en France et nous aussi on veut une suite svp, donnez nous de bonnes nouvelles. Il y a des series beaucoup plus nulles qui durent des saisons et des saisons alors faut continuer des series telle que Siberia !!!! faire plus de pub pour faire comprendre à ce qui ne connaissent pas car c vraiment une serie geniale tout y est.

  2. blondel

    J ai adore cette serie faut absolument faire d’autre saison et ne pas nous oublier nous autres français svp car on adore ce genre de serie!!!

  3. evandro

    It’s a great series! I hope that it returns soon. Sou um fã brasileiro. Realmente a série alcançou vários países.

  4. valentin ionut

    indeed, the first five episodes where kinda rubbish, but the it got big! it deserves a season 2 and btw is better then under the dome. the story is growing into a fine adventure. same hapened with the river 2012. shame!..

  5. Alex

    What countries has Siberia all aired in? I know that it aired in France last April, but has it aired in other countries?

    1. blade

      siberia has just finished showing season 1 in the UNITED KINGDOM. really enjoyed it and will be disappointed if they dont air season 2 🙁

    2. michelle

      it’s been aired in the uk was hoping for season 2 cant leave it on a cliffhanger

  6. Tracy Samuel

    Loved this show. Hooked and obsessed. Great. Series 2 pleeeeease.

  7. vicks

    please let there be another series dobt be another cancellation like the river

  8. Gabriela

    Can’t wait for it to come back, really positive that it will. One more fan from Brazil.

  9. theresa lowe

    please bring season 2 back I loved season 1 after 2 years still waiting for it to be brought back

  10. Cliff

    This was the biggest cliffhanger ever, why even show the last scene if there won’t be a season 2?

  11. Neo

    this sucks, it’s 2016 and no news for season 2 yet. i’m guessing it’s already cancelled.

  12. Martijn

    I tried emailing them.. the email address doesnt excist anymore.. even it is still displayed on their website 🙁

    Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by [].

    The error that the other server returned was:
    550 5.1.1 : Recipient address rejected: User unknown in relay recipient table

  13. D McK

    The fans are still really wanting this story to be resolved. I wish the second season would come to fruition.

  14. Sharon Rutten

    I love love love this show! I can’t believe they dropped it. Please bring it back

  15. David

    If everyone could email NBC and other networks (maybe even Netflix), we could make a voice for ourselves to let them know we still care. I just watched season one and everyone here is right in that the show NEEDS to be continued! So, get out there and let yourselves be heard!

  16. Nate

    So grieve there better be a second season or someone is gonna die😉

  17. Cindy Carbone

    I am not even a sci-fi fan but I was completely hooked on Siberia from Episode 1! The cliffhanger has left me yearning for more! I have been hoping and praying they would bring it back ever since then!

  18. Anna

    I watch full season of Siberia few times and I love it. I hope they make second season . Maybe we can make again petition to Netflix or another tv station to return this series

  19. Hector

    Ugh that’s it I’ve been waiting too long for others to bring back this show, I’m gonna start emailing some people!

  20. Cherish A Layton

    I really wish they would have someone pick up this series….. It is 2018 and I still check every now and again just in case it happens…


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