Cancellation Watch: The Ratings Appear to be on an Upswing for Agents of SHIELD and Most of The CW Shows

By | May 2, 2014

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Unless otherwise noted, the ratings numbers below are based on the final overnights and may vary slightly from the preliminaries reported on the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site.

Ratings Results for the Tuesday through Thursday sci fi / fantasy shows:

agents-of-shield-cancelledRatings Turnaround: After several weeks of seeing ratings in the toilet for pretty much all shows on the broadcast networks, the numbers appear to be turning around as the season is coming to a close.  On Tuesday, ABC’s Agents of SHIELD improved to a 2.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic with six million total viewers, up from last week’s 1.9 score.  On The CW, The Originals rose to a 0.8 rating with 1.8 million total viewers, up from its series low last week of a 0.6 score and at its best level since early March.  Supernatural pulled a 1.0 rating with two million total viewers which gave it the best rating it has seen in over a month.  Person of Interest improved to a 1.9 rating with 11.3 million total viewers which had it at its best level since early February.  On Wednesday, Revolution held steady with its last new episode pulling a 1.3 rating with 4.3 million total viewers.  It didn’t improve its numbers, but then it also did not drop after having been unceremoniously booted from the schedule for three straight weeks.  The CW’s Arrow edged up to a 0.8 rating with 2.3 million total viewers, a score that it has not seen since March.  The 100 remained steady at a 0.6 rating with 1.9 million total viewers which is still not great but might just be good enough to get it a renewal if it can hold there or improve.  The CW’s Vampire Diaries was the one exception on ratings improvements for that network the last few days as it remained at a low of 0.7 rating with 1.8 million total viewers (based on the preliminaries).  I expect to see that one rise over the next couple of weeks, though, as it heads to its season finale.

The networks really hurt the momentum of these shows with all of the repeats and preemptions from the last few months indicating that they really need to rethink their broadcast strategy for the full season.  Perhaps they should break up the series runs into two uninterrupted blocks that air in the Fall then Winter/Spring, similar to what AMC is currently doing with The Walking Dead.  Then maybe fill the dead space with those limited-run “event” series that have been all the rage of late or other special programming.  In any event, the broadcast nets continue to lose ground with the overall television audience while cable shows like TWD, Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, and more are drawing record numbers of viewers.  And the audience is only getting more fractured every year as more cable channels offer original programming as well as streaming services like Netflix and Amazon.

We already heard that FOX’s Almost Human was sent to the Network Executioner earlier in the week, and more cancellation announcements could be coming at any time with Fridays being when the networks prefer to release that news.  Keep an eye on this site and the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site for any breaking news.  And you can see the current status for all this season’s genre shows at this link,  and for more information on the ratings numbers and how I determine the Cancellation Alert status of a show, see the Cancelled Sci Fi FAQ.

Here are the season to date (StD) numbers and standings through May 1st for all the shows that have bowed so far (sorted by most likely to get cancelled):

Series Network / Airs (EST) Cancel- lation Alert StD Rating Target StD Airings Tracking
Once Upon A Time in Wonderland ABC / Thu 8 PM Cancelled 1.0 2.0 13 Up
Almost Human FOX / Mon 8 PM Cancelled 1.8 2.0 13 Down
Being Human Syfy / Mon 9 PM Cancelled 0.5 0.6 13 Up
Star-Crossed CW / Mon 8 PM High 0.3 0.7 11 Low
Intelligence CBS / Mon 10 PM High 1.3 2.0 13 Up
Beauty and the Beast CW / Mon 9 PM High 0.3 0.7 15 Up
Revolution NBC / Wed 8 PM High 1.4 1.8 19 Low
The Neighbors ABC / Fri 8:30 PM High 1.0 1.3 22 Low
The 100 CW / Wed 9 PM Elevated 0.6 0.8 7 Up
Believe NBC / Sun 9 PM Elevated 1.3 1.8 8 Down
Dracula NBC / Fri 10 PM Elevated 1.1 1.4 10 Up
The Tomorrow People CW / Mon 9 PM Elevated 0.5 0.8 21 Low
Resurrection ABC / Sun 9 PM Low 2.6 2.0 7 Down
Once Upon A Time ABC / Sun 8 PM Low 2.2 2.0 19 Up
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ABC / Tue 8 PM Low 2.4 2.5 20 Up
Witches of East End Life / Sun 9 PM Renewed 0.7 0.7 11 Down
Helix Syfy / Fri 9 PM Renewed 0.4 0.6 11 Low
Sleepy Hollow FOX / Mon 9 PM Renewed 2.6 2.0 12 Up
Teen Wolf MTV / Mon 9 PM Renewed 0.9 0.6 12 Up
American Horror Story: Coven FX / Wed 10 PM Renewed 2.2 1.5 13 Up
Haven Syfy / Fri 10 PM Renewed 0.4 0.6 13 Low
The Walking Dead AMC / Sun 9 PM Renewed 6.8 1.5 16 Up
Grimm NBC / Fri 9 PM Renewed 1.4 1.5 19 Down
Supernatural CW / Tue 9 PM Renewed 1.0 1.0 20 Up
The Originals CW / Tue 8 PM Renewed 0.9 1.0 20 Up
Vampire Diaries CW / Thu 8 PM Renewed 1.0 1.0 20 Down
Person of Interest CBS / Tue 10 PM Renewed 2.0 2.0 21 Steady
Arrow CW / Wed 8 PM Renewed 0.9 1.0 21 Up
Game of Thrones HBO / Sun 9 PM Renewed 3.6 2.0 4 Up
Warehouse 13 Syfy / Mon 9 PM Final Season 0.4 n/a 3 Down
Nikita CW / Fri 9 PM Final Season 0.2 n/a 5 Low

Ratings Source: TV by the Numbers and The Futon Critic

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2014 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

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