Cancellation Watch Breaking News: The First Genre Cancellation of the Season is an Unexpected One – Syfy’s Being Human

By | February 25, 2014

being-human-syfy-cancelledIn a somewhat surprising newsbreak today, Syfy announced that their supernatural series Being Human would wrap up after its currently airing fourth season.  The series returned in January of this year and has seen a bit of a dip in its numbers,but it has performed no worse than that network’s Haven which received an extended fifth season renewal a few weeks back.  It’s possible that there could be some licensing arrangements with the BBC–where the original version of the show ran–that makes the show more expensive, or perhaps Syfy just decided to go a different direction with their programming.  The BBC Being Human was cancelled after its fifth season, though the American version has already surpassed the number of episodes that the original produced (it will have 51 total after the current season vs. 37 for the British show).  Syfy had previously indicated that they wanted to return to more science fiction oriented programming and we have seen some of that already with shows like Defiance and Helix.  Perhaps cutting ties with the supernatural-oriented Being Human represents another step in that direction or perhaps this is additional fallout from the reorganization going on at the network as mentioned by The Hollywood Reporter.  Fans of the Syfy series will likely be disappointed, though I am not certain if there are enough of them out there to rally for a possible continuation of the series.  If there are, this is one that Netflix or Amazon could take a flyer on, or perhaps a cable network like Chiller may have an interest in it.  If any Being Human fans do plan on putting together a “Save My Show” campaign, let us know and we will pass the information along.

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