Which Sci Fi / Fantasy Series Currently Facing Cancellation Would You Save? Haven, Revolution, Almost Human, Dracula, Etc.

By | January 10, 2014

What Can be Done to Save Revolution, Almost Human, Dracula and the Other Currently Struggling Shows?

Breaking News: Haven Has Been Renewed!!!

haven-syfy-cancelledSo we made it through the Fall months without any science fiction and fantasy shows getting the axe.  I believe that is a record accomplishment, but I would have to go back and check to make sure.  Still, several shows are very much in danger at this point with at least two or three almost certainly headed for a date with the network executioner.  You can go to my Mid-Season Power Rankings to see my assessment of all the shows currently running (and I look at the new shows separately at this link).  Below are the shows that I currently have marked as “On the Bubble”–meaning that their status is unsure but not necessarily doomed–as well as those that I have pegged as likely to get cancelled.  Which of these shows would you save?  Cast your votes below and check back to see which ones other people are pulling for.  And then at the end of the month I will tally the results up and send them to the networks which will mean . . . . . nothing!  The networks could absolutely care less about these internet polls, so don’t be suckered in to the ones that claim they will help save your favorite shows.  (Petitions might have a little more influence, but not much.  But Haven fans should take note of a possible strategy I have outlined for them to follow to save their show at this link).  This poll is all in good fan, and we love to cast our votes.  So be sure to click on the ones you like below and stay tuned to this site and the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site to find out the fate of these shows!

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The Plight of Science Fiction and Fantasy Television in the Face of the Unforgiving Nielsens and Networks

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62 thoughts on “Which Sci Fi / Fantasy Series Currently Facing Cancellation Would You Save? Haven, Revolution, Almost Human, Dracula, Etc.

  1. liz aponte

    I hope that revolution dont be cancelled because is one of the best series that i ever see

  2. april

    I hope that revolution doesn’t get cancelled it is one of the nest series I’ve ever watched and I love it!

  3. Sarah

    Revolution is by far the best show I have ever watched. Please don’t cancel it!

  4. a HUGE Revolution fan

    pls not haven thats an stupid show! i hope soooooo much that revolution doesn’t get cancelled!

    1. StarClimber

      I love both Haven and Revolution. So i want them both to be renewed! 🙂
      (Haven is already)
      Now waiting for Revolution!

  5. Ray

    DON’T CANCEL REVOLUTION! It is by FAR the best show I have ever seen, and it has 2 of my favorite actors playing as some of the main characters! Please don’t cancel it!

  6. Haven Fan

    Haven is by far the best show on. Well-scripted, well-acted…It’s a beautifully filmed show that has something in it for everyone. By the way, what’s with the Revolution fans’ grammar and spelling?

  7. irishSarah (JAG)

    Haven has over 12,000 votes. There are petitions online and constant Twitter activity surrounding this show. What more do fans of Haven need to do to get SyFy’s attention that we want to see MORE Haven? Season 5 would be a good start to making that happen.


    This show has what it takes to keep drawing fans in. Loyal fans, a great cast, talented writers, beautiful location and a wonderful crew. Let’s #RenewHAVEN!

  8. irishSarah (JAG)

    BTW, it is very obvious that MANY of the “Revolution” fan’s comments (the one right in a row; Natalie, Liz, April, Sarah, etc…) are written by the same person. The language, grammar (or lack of it) and spelling errors are all identical. Look, everyone is entitled to their own opinion on what show they’d like to see saved, but don’t trash other people’s shows. “Haven” is a well written show, an EXCELLENT show. If you can’t follow it, then I am sorry, that is not a flaw of the show.

  9. Ged 'Haven' Green

    How can Syfy even think of binning Haven? I never tire of the story lines. The cast fit there character’s to a t. Do they really think people are going to even bother watching there shows when we know they just cancel them at the drop of a hat?

  10. Emma

    Renew Haven, it’s one of the best shows on TV! It may not have the biggest fandom ever, but what fans it does have are extraordinarily devoted to our beloved show.
    AND it’s one of the few shows that has not lost quality with each season. It just keeps getting better.
    PLEASE, please renew this beautiful show!

  11. faithstars

    Despite what an above Haven fan implied, I can follow that show just fine. I’ve seen it and it’s alright. However, in my personal opinion, Revolution is the show worth saving! It is such a layered and exciting show. Well written and executed! #NBCREVOLUTION

  12. Robanah

    Revolution is a great show, with a great premise, and outstanding actors. However, the second season has gone way of course as to what the original show premise was all about. It also has been dragging and dragging which is getting kind of boring. I would love to see a third season, but they should go back to the original premise which was how people react and adapt if the electricity were to suddenly go out.

    1. dawn f

      Despite what this person just said, I think its getting better a d more into the story lines all the time.. best line out of the last seen episode “You know that guy?” ” oh yeah’ worlds gonna end & theres gonna be nothing left but, Brett Michaels, him and the cockroaches” lol you cant take it off!! It’s great!!! besides dont they have to get the lights on somehow, without blowing up the world or launching any missiles???

  13. I love Revolution

    Revolution is a fantastic show with a great cast. Cannot believe NBC is not advertising it enough.
    I loved and enjoyed every episode it! I am looking forward to 3d and more seasons to come.

  14. Mary Buletza

    SAVE HAVEN!!!!! It’s the best show on Sci Fi and the only reason I watch Sci Fi at all. And by watching Haven I have noticed other good shows. But Haven is the best by far- I’ve watched every episode -all 4 years- at least twice and some many times. SAVE HAVEN

  15. Momo

    Syfy please don’t cancel Haven. I just found it and I am so addicted. I love the story and the characters. They’ve stolen my heart and you can’t leave it the way season 4 ended. #HavenSeason5

  16. IB

    please don’t cancel haven, absolutely love the show, even got my mother brother and neighbour hooked on it. please, we want more HAVEN

  17. crystal morris

    You can’t cancel Haven or even think of doing that. Its such a good thought out syfy show. Which was something that hasn’t been seen on syfy. Which was the only show that actually had you setting on the edge of your seat. The actors and actresses were good and there lines where well learned.

  18. Amy

    Please don’t cancel Haven. It it the best Syfy show. My must watch show. I don’t have cable therefore Syfy is gone, but I catch up on Syfy internet. I love Haven. So please don’t cancel. Not without giving Audrey n Nathan, Duke n Jennifer a happy ending. Pleasssseeeee

  19. Lucy

    Revolution can’t get cancelled! It’s one of my favorite TV shows and it’s an awesome series! I just wish more people would watch, that’s really what it comes down to. I will be very disappointed if we don’t get a third season.

  20. txp

    Haven is a piece de resistance in TV, not just sci-fi, programming. I agree with the other fans- well-acted, well written and beautifully shot – but the one thing that makes it stand out is that even in season 4 it is still getting better and totally addictive!
    SYFY mangement should take heed of their audience – they are in a unique position as a network in that they have fans of their channel, and not just a particular show, so disappointing them is more damaging.

    1. Haven Fan

      I totally agree with you txp!!!! SyFy has notoriously cancelled shows with huge fan bases. I have been reading some insider information and it seems that the powers that be are disconnected from the fans who support and watch their shows. They say “Imagine Greater” but they fail to produce quality shows people care about. Instead they don’t put their energy and money into advertising their successful shows. Shows on SyFy are just not going to have the same numbers as network tv shows. I know for myself if Haven is cancelled, I have NO interest on that channel. The only reason I watch SyFy is because of Haven.

  21. Gerry

    I can’t believe that Revolution is even being considered for cancellation. You absolutely CANNOT cancel this show. It is the best show there is on TV… Leave our Revolution ALONE….

  22. Kate

    Hey! Don’t cancell Revolution!! And for those who commented things like “What’s with the spelling?” Ever thought about that there are people watching shows over the whole country not just the US? YES there are other countries too. I’m from Austria, Europe for example lol. And I freaking love this show. It’s my fav ever with Lost & Prison Break.

  23. not2girly

    Take back the power! Leave REVOLUTION ALONE- I blame NBC 100% if this show gets axed. They have been tryin to kill it slowly since it began. Moving it to a slower night, making it take a winter hiatus. and that’s not even starting the fact that the Olympics are gunna be on. They don’t care for Sci-Fi but they SHOULD! If they would leave Revolution alone they would see the fanbase following grow but instead they keep screwing the chances. Hells Elizabeth Mitchell alone has a huge following! let her do her magic.

  24. Ana

    I watch 6 of those shows and now that Haven has been renewed (yay!) I only really care about Revolution and Dracula, please don’t cancel those two 🙁

    I’m LOVING Revolution this season <3

  25. Dusty

    I have never even heard of some of the shows listed. I am a huge fan of Revolution. It is the only show I make sure that I am home to watch. The plot keeps my interest and the actors don’t get the credit they deserve. This season has been even better with each episode leaving you on the edge of your seat. I just wish NBC would quit messing with the time its aired. Honestly, I don’t think there are many television shows worth watching anymore. I normally don’t like this type of show, but between the acting and the story line… it has become my favorite show beating out my old favorites of Greys Anatomy and Revenge. Please don’t cancel Revolution.

  26. Randy

    I can’t believe that NBC would consider cancelling a show as great as Revolution. I have been a loyal fan since day one. Why is it so hard to keep a decent show on tv anymore. The rest of the programming is stupid with the same type shows over and over and stupid sitcoms that I wont waste my valuable time watching. Please dont cancel Revolution.

  27. Olja

    Haven is renewed! So no worries there! My vote goes to Revolution! One of my fav shows! 🙂

  28. Revolution Addict

    Haven renewed? How about Revolution? This is not fair!!! NBC, what are you doing? Please give us more Revolution!!! The only show I watch!!!

    1. stephanie arrington

      Vote vote vote. I’ve voted over 50 times and am still going! Revolution is an awesome show

  29. Tammy Boyle

    Pleeeeeeeasssseeeee don’t cancel Revolution……………………….

  30. stephanie arrington

    Keep voting!!!! Revolution is an amazing show with amazing actors!!!!

  31. Mary Sue

    I have never in my 50 years stayed home to watch a tv program. Ever. From the first show I’ve been ranting and raving to my family about Revolution. I love the plot and our family sometimes talks about how we’d survive put in that situation. We have cut our cable, so Revolution is one of our favs on prime time. Why in the world don’t they get rid of all the reality tv? I want to escape reality! KEEP REVOLUTION!!

  32. Monroe

    Don not cancel Revolution please. it is the best show on TV. I am turkish and even here Revolution has a lot of fan. It is my favorite show and I know many people’s favorite show too. Please dont cancel this great show.

  33. Christy

    Revolution is my favorite show. It is actually the only show that I make sure I watch every week. Please don’t cancel.

  34. mina

    Cancel all the scifi, obviously no one is remotely interested in any of them and people are interested in only Law & Order & Game of Thrones…thankyou for cancelling #Dracula because #Dracula is pathetic…Also, if you continue any period piece, in the future, you may seek Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones & Law & Order SVU where you’ll make a good investment…obviously, no one is interested in a bleak actor whom cannot deliver numbers.


    1. dawn f

      what??? if youre being sarcastic, not mentioning the ones you do like is lost on tv exes, if this is how you feel why are you here???

  35. Laura Rodriguez

    Love the show Revolution with it’s very Awesome & so talented cast!Its a great show that has incredible storylines,lots of action ,excitement,thanks to the writing team!Love how the cast live tweets with its Fans each week!this cast of Billy Burke,Giancarlo Esposito,David Lyons,JD Pardo,Kim Raver,Elizabeth Mitchell etc is just wonderful to watch each week! love this show and believe in it!

  36. Mae Williams

    Please don’t cancel Revolution.Its the best show on TV.I can hardly wait to watch it every week.Kripke is a genious.

  37. M&M fan

    Cancelling Revolution, the best show ever?!

    Please renew it for 3d season!

  38. Lynda Westlake

    PLEASE Renew Revolution! The best show on television right now. I will be EXTREMELY disappointed if I can’t get my weekly fix of Miles Matheson & Bas Munroe.
    Also don’t cancel The Tomorrow People, that is one I really like as well.

  39. Lynn

    Save revolution!!!!!

    New idea for a program, tired of all the vampire stuff. Plus I have to get my Billy Burke fix

  40. Jill C

    Cancelling Revolution would be the stupidest move since Fox cancelled Firefly.

  41. caesar

    revolution is the only show i Watch, its the best it has a very nice story, im angry they r even thinking of canceling, i want to see an end to the story not only a season 3. if they r canceling i will just stop watching because it will keep burning me knowing they r gonna cancell it while watching, this sucks, it has too much fans plz make season 3 and 4 withan end to the story if posible season 5 as well

  42. Clayton

    Save Revolution! I am obsessed with this show and it’s something entirely different than the normal cut-and-dry protagonist vs antagonist plot and post-apocalyptic plots.The show has a ton of Anti-Heroes and characters who you never know whose side they’re on or are going to stray to. The females aren’t weak and pathetic like they are often portrayed in other shows and movies (Anyone else sick of the whole Damsel in Distress/Hopeless Female Romantic crap in TV and Movies?) . It is different than the norm, which makes it simply amazing. That characters are very well thought-out, concrete, and complex which makes them even more human. Watching this show had made me want to go away for at least a week without any electronics whatsoever just so I can experience what the characters are experiencing in the show, and I normally hate doing that but I want to give it a shot BECAUSE of the show. Keep Revolution!

  43. may

    Please don’t cancel REVOLUTION..it’s fabulous the best on TV….it’s so different from the norm…love it….I want to see it through to the end… ..Save Revolution….

  44. dawn f

    Please don’t cancel Revolution, Almost Human, and Dracula I watch every one of them every single week!!!!! They all either need better lead in’s or make it all one night of awesome tv for us that dot watch all those csi’s and suv’s and so on.. you need to count dVR, why dont you all give me a neilson box, i watch more TV than anyone (shouldnt admit that lol)its true though!!

  45. dav

    I would really like to see Revolution and Eric Kripke get another season. After all, that little show he started about 9 years ago had a very rocky start and it just got renewed for season 10. Another season and a little encouragement and you should have a really great show.
    This and Supernatural are the only shows that I am keeping up with anymore. Please renew.

  46. Michelle

    Bring Revolution back!! Everything about this show was amazing!! I can’t tell you how many messages and words got through to me when I was at my lowest… it has pulled me through deep stuff, and I can’t bear it to leave so soon!!
    Relocate/renew Revolution!!


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