Numbers Overload: Once Upon A Time Makes it Back to the Top 25, Barely

By | December 14, 2013
The Top 25 lists are looking pretty slim for the past week as far as genre shows go with The Walking Dead having wrapped up its Fall run and quite a number of shows either preempted or in reruns.  ABC’s Once Upon A Time did manage to creep back into the lower rungs of the broadcast network Top 25 for the first time in over a month.  When the competition gets stiffer in January, expect it to drop back off, though.  And interestingly, Person of Interest still made it to the Top 25 based on total viewers despite the fact that the episode was a repeat.  It’s lower on the list than usual, but if you think of what it outperformed based on total viewership with an encore episode, that’s pretty amazing.  Those who think this show might be in trouble because its ratings in the 18-49 demographic have slipped this year should think again.  Most of the usual suspects showed up on the DVR list, though Once Upon A Time dropped out for that week (Nov 18th – 24th) despite the fact that it aired a new episode.

Top 25 Dec 2nd  to Dec 8th    

Cable Networks

Total Viewers:  Live + Same Day viewing from the overnights
7. American Horror Story: Coven (FX) 4.1 Million (Prior Week – n/a)

Dropping Out: The Walking Dead and The Talking Dead – On Hiatus

Broadcast Networks

Ratings:  18-49 demographic in Live + Same Day viewing from the overnights
24. Once Upon A Time (ABC) 2.2 Rating (Prior Week – n/a)

Dropping Out: Agents of SHIELD, Person of Interest, Sleepy Hollow – In Repeats

Total Viewers:  Live + Same Day viewing from the overnights
20. Person of Interest REPEAT (CBS) 8.6 million (Prior Week – #7, 11.9 MM)

Live+7 Day DVR Ratings: 

Top 25 Ratings Increase for the Week of November 18th to 24th
4. Agents of SHIELD:  Rating Increase – 1.6, Final Rating – 4.0
8. Sleepy Hollow:  Rating Increase – 1.5, Final Rating – 4.0
14. Person of Interest: Rating Increase – 1.2, Final Rating – 3.2
16. Almost Human: Rating Increase – 1.0, Final Rating – 3.3
24. Revolution:  Rating Increase – 0.9, Final Rating – 2.3

Dropping Out: Once Upon A Time, Grimm (Preempted)

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