Social Network Rankings: Grimm and Dracula Scare Up Some Chatter with Their Debuts

By | October 30, 2013

NBC’s two hour Friday night supernatural block kicked off this last week with ratings wins for both returning Grimm and new series Dracula (more on that at this link) and also generated a fair amount of activity on the social networks.  The former series skyrocketed to the top of the GetGlue charts for the broadcast networks for this past week and the latter landed in the fourth slot of the Top 10.  In general–as with the previous rankings–science fiction and fantasy continued to dominate the top slots of the broadcast net rankings, taking eight out of the ten places once again.  And The CW continued to perform well there with the same four entries as the previous week (Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Arrow, and The Originals).  ABC’s Once Upon A Time in Wonderland slipped out of the Top 10 in its third week as that one also continues to fall in the Nielsen ratings (more on that at this link).  On the GetGlue Cable Top 10, five slots were taken by science fiction and fantasy shows with Doctor Who popping in (even though the show is still in repeats), likely bolstered by all of the buzz surrounding the upcoming 50th anniversary.  In the Nieslen Twitter Rankings, again only The Walking Dead and American Horror Story made it into the Top 10 with the former holding steady at Number 2 and the latter slipping to Number 4.  So do these numbers impact network decision making when it comes to renewing or cancelling a show?  I discuss that in more detail at this link.

October 21-27
GetGlue Broadcast Nets
Series Network Rerun Rank Prior Rank Move -ment
Grimm NBC N 1 Up
Supernatural CW N 2 1 Down
Once Upon A Time ABC N 3 2 Down
Dracula NBC N 4 Up
Vampire Diaries CW N 5 5 Same
Agents of SHIELD ABC N 6 4 Down
Arrow CW N 7 6 Down
The Originals CW N 10 9 Down
GetGlue – Cable
Series Network Rerun Rank Prior Rank Move -ment
The Walking Dead AMC N 1 1 Same
American Horror Story FX N 2 2 Same
Doctor Who BBCA Y 6 Up
The Witches of East End LIFE N 8 6 Down
Haven Syfy N 10 9 Down
Nielsen Twitter Rankings
Series Network Rerun Rank Prior Rank Move -ment
The Walking Dead AMC N 2 2 Same
American Horror Story FX N 4 3 Down

See the full GetGlue Top 10 Charts at this link

See the full Nielsen Twitter Rankings as this link


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