Social Network Rankings: Vampire Diaries Scores in Nielsen Twitter Rankings, The Originals Tops GetGlue

By | October 10, 2013
We are starting to see some changes afoot with Nielsen now tracking Twitter activity related to the live broadcast of TV shows and GetGlue continuing to track the general social network activity buzzing around a show.  Whether these will impact a show’s survival remains to be seen (though I believe it did help Hannibal last season, more on that in an upcoming post), but I will begin tracking those numbers here on a weekly basis going forward.For the first week of Nielsen’s new tracking, which covered the period from Sept 30th to Oct 6th, only one genre show–Vampire Diaries–made it to the Top 10 (which is all that they are publishing for now).  That’s an interesting entry, though, because that one is low rated in comparison to the overall Prime Time entries for the broadcast networks, but it ranked just behind highly rated The Voice on this new scale and above other ratings darlings like Dancing With the Stars and The X-Factor.  I would tend to think this is registering the younger skewing viewers (which Vampire Diaries definitely appeals to) because they tend to be more active on the social networking sites.  But this is definitely something to watch closely this year and a way that fans can generate some attention for their shows if they are struggling in the ratings.  You can see the full Top 10 for the week of Sept 30 – Oct 6 at this link.

The GetGlue charts track the number of check-ins for a show at their site and I believe the numbers also include social activity tracked from Twitter and other sites.  And I think their numbers are for the entire tracking period, not just right before, during, and after the broadcast.  I’m currently trying to get some clarification from them on this.

Following are the genre shows in the GetGlue Top 10s for the first three weeks of the season:

Week of Sept 30 – Oct 6

Broadcast Network Top 10:
1. The Originals (CW)
2. Sleepy Hollow (FOX)
6. Agents of SHIELD (ABC)
7. Once Upon A Time (ABC)
9. Vampire Diaries (CW)

Cable Top 10:
3. The Witches of East End (LifeTime)
7. Haven (Syfy)
9. Orphan Black (BBCA) In Repeats

Week of Sept 23-29:

Broadcast Network Top 10:
1. Agents of SHIELD (ABC)
3. Sleepy Hollow (FOX)
4. Once Upon A Time (ABC)

Cable Top 10:
5. Doctor Who (BBCA) In Repeats
8. Haven (Syfy)
10. Orphan Black (BBCA) In Repeats

Week of Sept 16-22:

Broadcast Network Top 10:
1. Sleepy Hollow (FOX)
7. Supernatural (CW) In Repeats
10. Under the Dome (CBS) Summer Series, Finale

Cable Top 10:
6. Orphan Black (BBCA) In Repeats
7. Haven (Syfy)
10. Torchwood: Miracle Day (BBCA) Encore Run

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