Cancellation Watch: Siberia Heads Closer to Exile, Under the Dome Not Hurt Much by CBS/Time Warner Feud

By | August 7, 2013

NBC’s mock-reality/horror series Siberia slipped even further in the ratings this week and could find itself cast to low viewership Friday or Saturday at any point now if it’s not yanked from the schedule altogether.  This last Monday, the series pulled its lowest numbers yet with only a 0.6 rating in the 18-49 (after the final numbers came in) and 1.8 million total viewers.  That it will not return for a second season is pretty much a give at this point, but with these numbers it may not even get the chance to air out its current season.  Keep an eye on this site and the Cancellation Watch Twitter Site for any announcements, and expect NBC to make a move fairly soon.

In the same timeslot over on CBS, hit Summer series Under the Dome continues to perform strong even when the odds are against it.  The current feud that its network has going on with Time Warner which resulted in the channel being pulled from the service in many major markets did not hit the Stephen King series too hard.  Under the Dome pulled a 2.6 rating in the 18-49 demo on Monday (after the final numbers were tallied) with 10.4 million total viewers.  That rating is down two ticks from last week but still pretty impressive considering the number of viewers that couldn’t tune in to see the episode this week.  In any case, the show has already been renewed for a second season.

Also on Monday, MTV’s Teen Wolf continues to ride steady, pulling another 0.8 rating in the 18-49 demo with right at two million total viewers.  The cable network has not yet announced a fourth season renewal for the show, but expect it to come at any time now.  On Sunday, HBO’s True Blood slipped a bit in the ratings down to a 2.2 score with 4.2 million total viewers.  It still won the night among cable shows and has already received its seventh season renewal notice.  On TNT, Falling Skies only managed a 1.2 rating with 3.7 million total viewers for its season finale, but those still count as decent numbers on that network and the show will be returning for a fourth season next Summer.  On Friday night, Continuum scored another 0.4 rating with 1.1 million viewers, decent enough for an import show on its network.  Syfy will air the third season of that show in 2014, probably early in the year.  On Wednesday of last week, Futurama continues to wind down its seventh and last season as it pulled a 0.6 rating with 1.2 million total viewers.

On Saturday, ABC’s Zero Hour wrapped up its burn-off run with little fanfare as it aired its final two episodes back to back but could only muster an average of a 0.3 rating with 1.9 million total viewers over that two hour period.  NBC’s Do No Harm burn-off did slightly better, pulling a 0.4 rating with 1.7 million total viewers.

This column is running usually once a week in the Summer on Wednesdays (and sometimes Tuesdays).  Keep an eye on the Cancellation Watch Twitter Site for quick updates on the ratings numbers, and you can see the full schedule of Summer science fiction and fantasy shows at this link and see the Cancellation Alert status of these shows at this link.

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