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Cancellation Watch Hit List: Final Statuses on Limitless, Agent Carter, Supergirl, and More

You can find the latest edition of the Hit List at this link This is the second edition of the Cancellation Watch Hit List (replacing the Power Rankings) and it shows the final status of all the current shows before we head into the Upfronts next week (I’m dodging final predictions because it has been such an unpredictable… Read More »

Cancellation Watch Hit List: Limitless, Damien, and Stitchers Among the Shows On The Bubble

You can find the latest edition of the Hit List at this link In what has been a wild season so far, the ratings continue to tumble but the networks continue to renew shows as they have apparently decided to white-knuckle it and keep as many familiar faces around as possible during the downward spiral. We have seen… Read More »

Sci Fi TV Power Rankings: Limitless and The 100 Slip to Bubble Status; The Flash, Arrow, and Supernatural Are Locks for Renewal

We are right at the end of the second month of 2016 and things are coming into slightly better focus for the sci fi / fantasy shows currently airing.  There have only been two official cancellations this season, though several more shows are heading in the direction.  We should know the final fates of all the broadcast network shows… Read More »

Sci Fi TV Power Rankings: The X-Files and Legends of Tomorrow Enter as Sure to Get Renewed, The 100 Shirks the Doomwatch Tag

We are now a month into mid-season and a lot of new shows have joined the Power Rankings and several returning ones have gone back into the game.  But despite the new entries, there has not been a ton of movement since the last set of rankings, especially in the upper half.  A lot of it is incidental with… Read More »

Sci Fi TV Power Rankings: Into the Badlands Enters as Likely to Get Renewed in the Fall Finale Rankings, Supergirl is Near Bubble Status

[Updated for the renewal announcements for Wayward Pines and The Leftovers] As quick as it arrived, the Fall season is already just about over.  This set of power rankings will be the Fall finale edition and will give you an idea of where the currently airing shows stand going into mid-season.  Not all of the shows have wrapped up… Read More »

Sci Fi TV Power Rankings: The Walking Dead is at the Top and Minority Report Takes Up the Rear of the First Fall Set of Rankings

This is the first edition of the Power Rankings since the Fall season started and there has been–as expected–quite a lot of movement since last month’s list, plus the ongoing ratings slump that the broadcast networks are seeing continues to take its toll on the genre shows.  In the current list, some may wonder why shows like ABC’s… Read More »

Sci Fi TV Power Rankings: As We Head Into the Fall Season, Agents of SHIELD, Sleepy Hollow, and The Leftovers are Among the Shows Facing Doomwatch

With the Fall season kicking off this week (you can see the full schedule at this link), it’s time to put out a new set of Power Rankings to show where all the currently airing and returning shows stand as we head into the new year.  There have not been too many changes since the last set of… Read More »

Sci Fi TV Power Rankings: The Whispers Moves to Likely to Get Cancelled While Fear the Walking Dead Enters the Chart in the Unassailable Ranks

This is the final set of Power Rankings for the Summer and we already know the fate of most the shows that have aired over the past three months.  But several are still waiting on renewal/cancellation announcements and I address them in the rankings below.  There has been some movement since the last set of rankings with the… Read More »

Sci Fi TV Power Rankings: Teen Wolf Holds Steady, Humans Enters as Renewed, The Last Ship Looks Sure to Get Renewed, Dominion Slips But Is Still Okay

(Updated for Humans renewal announcement) We are well into the Summer season now and all but a few late entries have had their debuts and made their way into the Power Rankings.  There’s been quite a lot of movement since the last set, though some of it has to do with new shows entering and others shuffling around… Read More »

Sci Fi TV Power Rankings: The Last Ship Starts Its Second Season as Likely to Get Renewed, Syfy’s Dark Matter and Killjoys are Lower on the List

This is the second edition of our new Power Rankings which include all the active and returning sci fi /fantasy shows and it has had quite a number of additions with the new Summer shows that debuted since the last set of rankings came out.  Also, I had not included Star Wars Rebels last time around, but I… Read More »

Sci Fi TV Power Rankings: Wayward Pines Enters the New and Improved Ranking On the Bubble, Haven Takes Up the Rear

Continuing with our new and improved theme this week (check out the new Cancellation Watch ratings round up at this link), we are introducing the new Power Rankings.  These will work pretty similar to the way they always have, except instead of just the current season’s shows they will have all the active sci fi / fantasy entries.… Read More »

Sci Fi TV Power Rankings: Time to Make the Final Call on Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, iZombie, Helix, Constantine, and More

This will be the last set of Power Rankings before the upfronts in May when the broadcast networks present their schedules for the upcoming season to the advertisers and all the renewal/cancellation decisions will need to be shored up.  So for those shows that have have not received a renewal notice yet, I’m making my final call on… Read More »

Sci Fi TV Power Rankings: The Last Man on Earth Starts as Likely to Get Renewed, Dig and The Returned Start On the Bubble

[Updated for the Sleepy Hollow renewal announcement] Quite a lot has happened since last month’s set of Power Rankings.  Syfy cancelled Ascension (or chose not to continue it, if you prefer) but they also renewed their low-rated entry 12 Monkeys.  Four shows have debuted in March–FOX’s The Last Man on Earth, USA’s Dig, A&E’s The Returned, and The… Read More »

Sci Fi TV Power Rankings: Agent Carter and Sleepy Hollow Are On the Bubble, Helix is Likely to Get Cancelled with 12 Monkeys Not Far Behind

The separation is getting clearer now with fifteen renewed shows and most of the rest struggling to survive.  Of the ones not yet renewed, only three are currently at a Low Cancellation alert level: Once Upon A Time, Person of Interest, and From Dusk Till Dawn (which I thought was going to return in Spring but which may… Read More »

Sci Fi TV Power Rankings: Agent Carter Has a Tenuous Entry, 12 Monkeys and Helix Start On the Bubble, and No Happy Ending for Galavant

The first Power Rankings of 2015 bring quite a number of changes from where we left off in Fall, especially after factoring in the blanket renewals of The CW shows as well as Gotham‘s recent nod for a second season.  The Network Executioner has been on the sidelines all season, but there are at least of a few… Read More »