Call to Action: Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter are Definitely Not Safe, Grimm is Facing a Grim Future, and Fans are Still Trying to Save Witches of East End

By | December 11, 2015

If you have an active campaign to support a struggling sci fi / fantasy show or save a cancelled one, send us the information at cancelledscifi [at] gmail [dot] com and we will pass it along.

Agents_of_S.H.I.E.L.D._season_3_cancelledThe Nielsen ratings continue to drive the fate of the shows currently on television (and yes, the networks do look at the overnights despite what they will tell you).  But the tide is changing and fans have social media as a powerful tool to let the networks know that there is a larger audience out there than what the ratings are measuring.  Live tweeting when an episode airs is the best way for fans to show their support.  And hashtag campaigns throughout the week is a good idea as well.  And the other social media sites should play into this as well.  Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and whatever the latest one is can all provide a means for fans to support their shows and get the word out for other people to start watching.  This is your Call to Action to make your voices (and numbers) known and to do your part to save your favorite shows.

Previous Call to Action posts have looked at The 100, Minority Report, Heroes Reborn, and also the campaign to revive The 4400. (at this link), and Sleepy Hollow, The Last Man on Earth, and the MST3k Kickstarter (at this link), and there are still efforts to bring Constantine back (more at this link). Here are the shows in focus this week:

Agents of SHIELD (ABC):  The TV Grim Reaper will tell you that it this show guaranteed a fourth year because of its third season status (it’s usually worth it for the network to foot the bill for a fourth season because of the money it will make in its syndication run).  But Agents of SHIELD has slipped pretty low in the overnights and the Live+7 numbers that the networks keep touting (because their overnights are so low) are not giving it enough of a boost.  If you look at where the show stands in the latest Broadcast Network Scorecard, you’ll see that it is pretty far down the list at Number 11 out of 17.   And ABC has Marvel’s Most Wanted in the pipeline which I believe they are eyeing as a replacement for Agents of SHIELD.  It’s possible that AoS could get a shortened fourth season to wrap up its storylines and tie it in with Agent Carter so that the two will be packaged together for a syndication run (and maybe also act as a hand-off to Most Wanted).  Based on the current ratings for AoS, I believe that is the best the show can hope for.  And the fact that it is now going on a three-plus month hiatus certainly won’t help.  Fans need to get active during the break and start making noise on the social nets to bring attention to the show and hopefully get its numbers up when it returns.  And while Agent Carter (see next entry) is airing in Agent of SHIELD‘s place starting in January, fans should be active on Twitter during the live broadcasts bringing attention to both shows.  But otherwise, I believe that if fans rest on the assurance of the show’s third season status and don’t make their voices heard, they may find themselves disappointed.

Agent Carter (ABC):  I believe that the fate of this show is closely tied to Agents of SHIELD (see above).  If AoS goes, so will Agent Carter.  And even if AoS manages to stick around, Agent Carter could find itself squeezed out of the mix as ABC has Marvel’s Most Wanted and Damage Control in the pipeline.  One of the best things that fans can do to help AC is live tweet during the broadcasts when it starts up its second season on January 19th.  That will show ABC and Disney that an active audience is engaged with the series.  And Agent Carter fans should probably team up with Agents of SHIELD fans to combine their efforts to keep both these shows going.  Otherwise they could find themselves off the schedule by the time the 2016-17 season rolls around.

Grimm (NBC):  This show is currently at all-time ratings lows and I have to believe that NBC execs have suggested to the producers to keep a close eye on the endgame as this season could be its last.  If Grimm fans want a sixth season or more, I believe they should get active and start live-tweeting during the episodes to help bring attention to the show.  It’s numbers don’t have to improve that much because any episodes from this point forward are just gravy for its syndication run.  NBC will accept middling ratings because it plugs up an hour on low-viewership Fridays and they are getting the profits from syndication because they own the show.  But with the numbers it is posting now, I have to believe they are considering their options for something else (a cheaper reality show or news program?) that might draw more viewers to the hour in the 2016-17.  Fans should get active if they want Grimm to stick around beyond this season.  It goes on hiatus after tonight’s Fall finale then returns on January 22nd.

Active Campaigns:

witches-of-east-end-cancelledWitches of East End (Lifetime): This supernatural series that aired on Lifetime was cancelled a year ago, but fans have not given up on it.  They are currently lobbying the streaming services and the other cable channels to pick it up for a third season.  There is an active petition that has (of this writing) over 230 thousand signatures and they are targeting 250k.  And the  hashtag remains active on Twitter with multiple posts per day.  I’ve long thought that this one would be a could pickup for one of the streaming services because the production costs are in the cable show range.  I’m surprised none has taken a bite yet, but if fans keep pushing then I think something could happen.  I previously polled Witches of East End fans asking what they would pay to pre-fund a third season.  There was definite interest in that I still believe it would work if Lifetime or one of the other networks would consider that approach.

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