Sci Fi TV Pulse: Constantine is Struggling in the Ratings, But Are It’s Fans Engaged?

By | January 25, 2015

constantine-nbc-cancelledThis weekly poll is a way to gauge engagement among sci fi fans relating to the genre TV shows airing for the current 2014-15 season.  The poll only includes shows from this season that have had their debuts or that will be premiering during the current week.  Please vote each week on which shows you are watching and also feel free to add comments about these shows below.  We will be compiling this information throughout the season and sending the statistics to the television network so that they can see which shows have generated the most engagement from the sci fi audience.  NOTE: Last week’s poll broke for reasons undetermined, but this week the poll appears to be working okay.  Please report any problems you are experiencing in the comments section.

Comments:  NBC’s Constantine has been pulling poor ratings on Friday nights pretty much since the series debuted, and yet it has been posting significant DVR gains and its fans appear to be quite active online (this past Friday it made it to the Number 5 spot on the Daily Nielsen Twitter ratings).  I believe that this show has a strong fanbase out there and it has mostly stumbled due to poor scheduling and the fact that it does not fit well on the broadcast networks (this would be a great companion to The Walking Dead on AMC or American Horror Story on FX).  Fans of Constantine should vote to show their engagement and I will pass the results along to NBC.  Haven and The 100 fans have been very active in this poll and that latter series recently received a renewal, while Syfy appears to be at least trying to keep the former show alive.  Maybe these poll numbers helped, maybe they didn’t but it can’t hurt to vote and show your engagement.

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One thought on “Sci Fi TV Pulse: Constantine is Struggling in the Ratings, But Are It’s Fans Engaged?

  1. john norton

    The 100 is hands down the best show on TV today…Cast ,writers & all attached are #1…/ You know if the Chinese EMP us & knock out our grid ,we will be livin this scenario…/ Still my pic as the best…


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