parallels-netflixStatus: Pilot Available for Streaming on Netflix
Network: Netflix
Starring: Mark Hapka, Jessica Rothe, Eric Jungmann, Constance Wu
Series Website:

Description: This sci-fi adventure follows a small band of people journeying across multiple parallel earths to help a scattered family reunite. Netflix

Comment: Coming from The Lost Room‘s Christopher Leone, this pilot  for a potential series delivers a Sliders meets Lost type of story and has a ton of potential (you can read my full review at this link).  Mr. Leone talked about Parallels in a recent AMA he did on Reddit offering the following comments:

PARALLELS is kind of unusual. I made it with Fox Digital Studios, which isn’t a TV studio — they make content for the web. But now that these worlds have converged, especially on Netflix, the digital realm is now this kind of wild west for creating new stuff. We always knew PARALLELS was the beginning of something, we knew we were going to do more, but we weren’t sure what form it would take, whether it would be another ~90 minute installment, or a TV series, or what. So we’re figuring that out right now, which is pretty damn exciting.

He also commented that the the response to it thus far has been “phenomenal” and on his twitter account he has stated that

We are hellbent on making more PARALLELS! We’re figuring out the next steps now but I should have news to share very soon.

More installments of this one would definitely be welcome.

13 thoughts on “Parallels

  1. D.A.Mauney Jr.

    Can y’all have a website to watch along with netflix. More of an option. Ive been waiting forever for a show like sliders to return…

  2. Cody

    Any updates on this? Estimated time when the series might be on TV? Any updates other than what in the links provided?

  3. Matt

    I find it hard to believe that there hasn’t been any updates in over a year. These links are over a year old. I cannot find anything else about the series online or through IMDB. It isn’t even under “Filmography” for Neil Gaiman for “In production”. They may have scrapped the series before it even began. Does anyone else have any info?

  4. Kellyt

    So I guess this isnt happening now??no second installment?? 🙁

    1. johnnyjay

      Last I heard, they were revamping the idea as a new series, but nothing substantial has come of that yet.


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