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On our Cancellation Watch Twitter Site, we post the latest ratings results as well as news and updates relating to science fiction and fantasy television.

Ratings Results:

These numbers are usually posted shortly after they are released by the Nielsen Company. The preliminary overnights for the broadcast networks usually come out around 11 AM EST the day after a show airs. The final broadcast net numbers and the cable ratings usually come out around 4 PM EST the day after a show airs (Saturday and Sunday results come out on Tuesday morning by 10 AM EST). We always post the preliminary broadcast net numbers and final cable numbers and will sometimes make note of significant changes from preliminaries to finals for broadcast net shows. We typically try to post the ratings results shortly after they are available, though sometimes ratings delays due to holidays or other factors cause them to be posted later. Thursday cable and Friday broadcast network results are sometimes not posted until Monday mornings.  Note that the streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon rarely release viewership numbers for their shows, so those will not be among our regular tweets during the week.   Ratings source:

Below is a typical ratings results tweet. The up or down arrow (↑ ↓) indicates the ratings change from the last new episode aired. No arrow indicates the ratings have held steady from the last new episode. The rating is based on same day viewing in the 18-49 demographic and this is almost always more important to the network than total viewers, though there are some exceptions to this.

Cancelled Sci Fi @CancelledSciFi
#SciFiTVRatings Wed Cable Shows:
#TheLibrarians 0.27 rating / 1.3M tot viewers
#TheMagicians 0.29 rating / 762k tot viewers ↓
#Happy 0.19 rating / 617k tot viewers ↑
More info:

When looking at ratings results, you should note that they can vary widely by network. A 0.3 rating may be very good for a Syfy show, but no so good for a series airing on one of the broadcast networks. So it is important to judge performance by comparing to other shows on the same network. Our Cancellation Watch Scorecard ranks shows based on that logic.

Also, we post an analysis of the numbers in our ongoing Cancellation Watch posts, looking at ratings results of interest from the week. These usually come out twice a week on Tuesday and Friday, though those days can change if there are delays to the ratings. We do not cover every show every week in our Cancellation Watch posts, just those that has posted numbers worth noting. We do post the full ratings for the broadcast net and cable shows for the prior week at our Sci Fi TV Ratings Page this link. Those are usually available on Tuesdays.

For more information on the ratings and how they determine the fate of the shows currently airing, read our Cancelled Sci Fi FAQ.